Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 12th August 2015 Written Update

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 12th August 2015 Written Update by H_Hasan

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane 12th August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Manav asking Kapoor what will he do now as Ram’s album will release soon. Kapoor asks if he can buy the recordist who recorded Manav’s album. Manav says it is very easy. Kapoor says he needs raw recording and asks if he can get music director who can work as they like. Manav says he can. Mallika asks what he is going to do. Kapoor smirks and asks her to wait and watch.

Disha gets Ayaan’s call at night and gets worried that something is wrong. She picks call and asks why did he call at midnight. He asks why should not he call his girlfriend. She says she just angrily told he is her boyfriend, but don’t mean it by heart. She smiles and cuts call. Ayaan gets confused.

In the morning, Disha sees Aaru looking at magazines and asks what is he doing. Aaru says he is finding papa’s new look in them. She says we will select papa’s new look in Barkha’s house. Aaru says we will take these magazines along.

While having tea, Manav tells Kapoor that their company made 100 crores profit and next year it will be 200 crores. Kapoor says he is impressed. Suraj comes with Ayaan. Kapoor asks how come here is here. Suraj says he felt good hearing he patched up with Ram. Kapoor says he did and cannot keep any grudge in his heart for long. He apologizes him for scolding him and says he is always welcome to join back and even use his outhouse. Suraj says he wants to do something on his own. Kapoor says he felt good hearing that and says whenever he feels to come back, he can always. He sees Aaru waling with bag and asks what is in it. Aaru says he is taking magazines to Barkha’s house to finalize Ram’s new look. Kapoor says it is a good idea and asks Suraj to drop them to Barkha’s house, then says he forgot Suraj is not his driver now. Suraj says he is always his driver and takes Disha and Arav. Kapoor asks Ayaan why is he silent today as he wants him to be naughty and lively as usual. Ayaan smiles and leaves.

Ayaan asks Disha why did she tell yesterday night that she does not love him. She says he heard it right and says he saw the situation when she told him I love you, so he should not take her words seriously.

At Barkha’s house, Aaru and Disha insists Ram to select a stylist look for him like a rockstar. Ram says he is better the way he is and asks Barkha to explain kids. Barkha says even she likes children’s idea. Dadlani comes with tensed face. Ram asks why did he come, if he had called him, he would have come to his office. Dadlani says his brain is not working, so he came here. He says he got a legal notice against his company and Ram.

Ram asks what legal notice. Dadlani says some music director has challenged that Ram stole his music and tells Ram that he made a big mistake by trusting him. Ram says it is his music and there is some misunderstanding. Ayaan reads legal notice and says Dadlani is right. Ram says he does not know who this music director Pinu Sharma is. Disha says papa is telling right. Dadlani says he does not know who is telling truth and who is lying, but he will not launch Ram’s music until this issue is solved. Ram says he cannot do that. Dadlani says because of him, his company will be ruined and media will overhype this issue. Ayaan says this is a legal issue and will be sorted out. Dadlani says until it is sorted out, he will not release Ram’s music.

Precap: Barkha says someone has hired Pinu Sharma to defame Ram. Ram asks who must be doing this. Barkha says Mr. Kapoor..

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  1. Rinku
    August 13, 00:49 Reply

    How can Mr.Kapoor live with himself. Folks like this should disappear from this world. What horrible character. This should end. All this evil leaves us with a heavy heart. . I think we need to stop watching these show. I still have to see a show on tv which is a pleasure watching. I suppose that I so by its called drama uuuhhh.

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