Dil Se Dil Tak 21st May 2018 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st May 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Se Dil Tak 21st May 2018 Written Episode

In the kitchen, Teni and Ipshita have an argument.
Ammi promises that only Teni will become his bride, no matter if she brings her daughter along as well. She asks him to leave for Baroda with her, Parth’s family may manipulate Teni’s mind. She goes to call the Molvi to accompany them as well and get their Nikah as soon as possible.
Mohini fills in Ipshita’s ears that Parth wants to make Teni her new mother. Ipshita holds Shorvari’s photo and says she only wants her as mother, not that Teni. Mohini says Ipshita must do something that Parth holds Teni’s hand and throws her out of the house.
Downstairs in the hall, Parth decides he won’t leave any stone unturned to make her wedding a memorable one. He will decorate the whole house. Parth gets a call and says they have one
week left to recall her memory.
Indu comes out of the temple. Teni brings her a list of imported items she needs, her luggage has been left in Delhi. Teni thinks she will make it difficult for them and they themselves have send her back to Delhi. Indu says Parth prepared another list for her. Parth comes there and assures the wedding would be memorable for her. Mohini questions who she would marry. Iqbal calls from the door, Teni will marry him! Teni runs towards Iqbal ready to hug him but doesn’t. She was annoyed that Iqbal left her here. She was excited to see Ammi at the door and goes to hug her. Ammi explains to Parth’s family that they have brought Molvi along, and will get the Nikah as soon as he arrives. She asks Parth if they can stay here.
Indu brings Ammi to a room. She compliments the room to be airy and wide. They must be rich of the city, and been blessed with a lot still they don’t have an open heart. Indu was annoyed and says this is about fate, she can even call Iqbal’s mother as unjust. She says it’s the matter of time, otherwise they could have been good friends. Ammi replies right now they are only enemies.
The next morning, Teni and Iqbal were having tea. Teni asks him about the balance of shop. Iqbal decides not to tell her that shop is closed. Teni wipes his face which had been covered with biscuit. Parth comes there to inform the doctor will be here for a while. He says the doctor would tell them how they must bring her memory back. Teni says they might get her electric shocks, she can’t stay here anymore. Parth holds her hand to stop her. She says she doesn’t want to get her memory back, she asks Iqbal to leave now. Parth convince Iqbal that Teni is worried and only Iqbal can convince her. If she recalls her past she might leave Iqbal and then Iqbal would be hurt badly. Iqbal says this is the last time he would help Parth with Teni’s past.

PRECAP: Iqbal and Parth’s family arrange a recurrence of the same events to remind Teni of her past. Teni hears everything from the door.

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