Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2018 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Se Dil Tak 22nd March 2018 Written Episode

Everyone was in the hall. Dada ji was happy that the matter was resolved. He appreciates Teni’s sacrifice for resolving the matter. He says Teni has been connected to this family by heart. Teni agrees that she doesn’t need any affidavit for this relation, not matter where she lives. Dada ji asks what she means. Mohini happily explains that she will leave the house as her marriage with Parth has ended.
Parth says Teni is a part of family and family isn’t parted from the house. Teni says she is surely leaving this time. Dada ji tells Teni he decides everything in the house. Teni will live in the house as a daughter of the family. Teni was emotional and happy for being their daughter, she requests them to let her leave. Dada ji asks her a chance to bear her responsibility against all her

sacrifice. Mohini says Teni didn’t favor anyone, if it was Shorvari’s name on the paper she had to go. Dada ji scolds Mohini for being selfish and interrupting in every matter. Shorvari takes Teni to speak to her alone.
In the corridor, Shorvari asks Teni why she wants to leave. They shared friendship before her marriage with Parth. Teni says it would be difficult for her to adjust in this house now. Shorvari says she can at least try. Teni thinks her foot are being tied because of their love. She walks into the hall and agrees to live in the house as Dada ji’s daughter. She conditions him to bless her as a father and touches his feet. Everyone was happy about the decision. Dada ji prays Teni always live happy. He warns Teni not to even joke about leaving the house.
Teni cries while looking around the room and recalling all her times with Parth. She thinks she has gained a lot in this relation already. Parth comes to the room, Teni calls him for help in holding her bag.
In the room, Baa asks Dada ji why he stopped Teni here. She is afraid of Parth and Teni living together. Dada ji says Teni cares about Shorvari’s emotions as much as she worries for Parth, he is sure she would never intercede Parth and Shorvari’s relation. Mohini overhears the conversation, and thinks Teni’s sacrifice would be useless. She will give it some other color in front of Shorvari.
In the corridor, Teni walks ahead of Parth and says she will now live as a daughter of this house. They will always live happy this way. Parth holds her hand from behind. He stares towards her for a while holding her hand tight. Shorvari comes to the corridor and watches this, thinking it must be difficult for Parth. She steals looks from both of them as they turn to her. Teni withdraws her hand from Parth’s hand and waves at her. Teni gives Shorvari’s hand into Parth’s, and recalls they used to live close to each other happily when she came into the house. She wants them live that way again. Parth takes Teni’s hand in the grip and was sure his and Shorvari’s relation was completed by Teni. She will always be a part of their life. Shorvari says she and Teni are friends with each other, it must be incomplete if she had left. Teni was boastful of her cunningness as a little drama won her all the love of family. She goes towards her room. Parth wish Teni handles herself soon.

PRECAP: Mohini tells Shorvari that Teni won everyone’s heart by playing trick against Shorvari and herself sacrificing the relation. In the room, Shorvari asks Parth if he was aware Teni loved him before her ailment. Parth replies positively, Shorvari leaves his hand with a jerk.

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