Dil Se Dil Tak 25th May 2018 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 25th May 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Se Dil Tak 25th May 2018 Written Episode

Teni cries wondering what this happened to her. On one side is Parth and family who loves her, while on the other side stands Iqbal and Ammi who won’t be able to live without him anymore. She wonders what she must do now. Iqbal comes to Teni’s room. He takes the blame for Teni’s tears. Teni says she never knew her past would come in front of her. Its her fate which troubled them all. Iqbal holds himself responsible for leaving her here that day. She only needs to bear him after Nikah, and no one will discuss her past with her. He demands Teni to give a smile, tomorrow is their mehndi and Nikah. She demands a hug, but Teni forbids him get free with her. She isn’t his wife yet. After Iqbal had left, Teni cries that Iqbal’s love is so true. He smiles with her, and she also loves him but why she

is unable to get closer to her.
Parth convince Ipshita to unlock the door from inside. He promises to take her to Disney Land and he would never scold her again. Indu comes there and says Ipshita must be fearful now. Mohini tells them that Ipshita hates Teni, she will continue suffocating herself if they force Teni to become her mother. She must be afraid that Teni will snatch her father. She even mentioned going to hostel if Teni stays here. Parth forbids Mohini to speak any further, he will speak to Ipshita and clarify his position. Mohini says Parth and Indu have only be with Teni since she came here. She took care of Ipshita all along and she will speak to her only. As Mohini knocks at the door, Ipshita sends a note from under the door. Parth reads the note that no one can take her mother’s place.
In the room, Indu convinces Parth to share the truth about Teni with Ipshita. She believes Teni is her step mother. Parth tells Indu that Teni didn’t recover from her memory loss, she might not want to return to her older life because she is happy in the new one. They can’t get Teni back anymore. Indu says there is another way but Parth says they promised Iqbal that it’s their last attempt. He has to keep his promise now. Indu says a mother’s heart always melt for her child, and Teni has given birth to Ipshita. She saved Ipshita’s life, this shows somehow she is still connected to Ipshita. She won’t be able to contain her motherhood if Ipshita shows the desire to be with Teni. Parth considers it impossible to convince Ipshita. But Indu says a mother and child have a borne relation with each other. Parth wasn’t convinced. Indu decides to speak to Iqbal about another attempt herself.
In the room, Ammi tells Teni about all the arrangements of her Nikah and mehndi. Teni recalls her wedding dress with Parth and appeared upset. Ammi asks what happened to her. Teni smiles saying she was an orphan, but now she has countless relations. Ammi presents Teni with a precious gift, she says Iqbal’s father gifted this to her at the time of her wedding. It has all his blessings and memories. She says they were poor when they married and used to sell sarees door to door. He bought this bangle by selling his own wedding dress. He was a hard worker and started a business which flourished. He bought her expensive gold jewelry later, but she holds this one dearest. She gifts her the bangle and assures this will keep her and Iqbal happy forever. When Ammi has left, Teni prays for the strength to take the right decision. Her mind and heart are split.

PRECAP: Parth asks Teni if she had recovered from her memory loss, if she would still have gone with Iqbal. Later Teni appears restless to Ammi and says she doesn’t get peace in this house. She turns around and her hair are tucked in Parth’s shirt. Iqbal removes them saying he can’t let her tucked anywhere.

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