Dil Se Dil Tak 28th May 2018 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 28th May 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Se Dil Tak 28th May 2018 Written Episode

Parth was in the hall thinking about Indu’s suggestion that they must tell everything to Ipshita. Teni comes to the hall and hides behind the pillar. Parth questions who is there. Teni comes out and says she was fast asleep when she felt thirsty, she stopped watching him there. She wonders what he must now be planning. Parth pours her a glass of water. He apologizes for causing her all the trouble but he had no other option. Teni says he and his mother are selfish and don’t understand she doesn’t want her memory back. Parth says he only wish she knows about the truth of her life before she marries Iqbal. Teni blames Parth and his family to take advantage of Iqbal’s simplicity and clear heart. Parth explains he never wanted trouble for her at all, and it doesn’t matter now what he thinks or

wants. Teni says his lectures won’t work, she is already marrying tomorrow. Parth asks the permission for a question? If her memory had returned, even then she would have gone with Iqbal? He regrets questioning, and thinks how she would feel how much she loved him and this family. After he has left, Teni cries that she is helpless. When she was all alone Iqbal and his Ammi helped her. Now she can’t leave or hurt them because of her own selfishness.
The next morning, Iqbal finds Parth sleeping on the couch and asks what the matter is. Parth wakes up at once and says he never realized when he fall asleep. Iqbal says he is aware his daughter is angry and has shut her door for him, he can’t sleep well. He asks the reason of Ipshita’s anger but Parth wasn’t ready to share. Indu comes there and says Parth won’t listen to them both. Parth knows well how to make her up. Its about a friend’s promise, but Parth is afraid that his friend would mind. Iqbal says if it’s a friend he must not mind. Indu takes advantage of the situation, she tells Parth that Iqbal is also a friend. Iqbal doesn’t hear the real matter, and tells Parth not to think much about any promise with him. After Iqbal has left, Indu insists on Parth to go to Ipshita and tell her about Teni.
Ipshita comes to Teni’s room and clarifies that she will never get her mother’s place. Teni was silent and thinks about the baby Ipshita. Ipshita says Teni must never think she can be her mother. Teni wonders how she must tell Ipshita the truth about their relation. Ipshita says she has told her father he must choose any one from her or Teni. Teni was weepy over her promises with Shorvari while she was ill, about all the good times the family shared. Mohini overhears this, she thinks why Teni would speak anything in reply to Ipshita. Teni watches Mohini there and stands to reply Ipshita that she isn’t interested in her father, she is already marrying Iqbal. Ipshita sides Parth, Teni feels happy about it. Teni scolds Ipshita for being a spoilt child. Mohini comes to curse Teni for misbehaving with a minor and takes Ipshita. Teni silently apologizes Ipshita.
Ammi and Indu were making arrangements. Ammi complains about the sheer silence in the house. Her house in Delhi must have been crowded today. Indu apologizes for all the trouble they caused her. Ammi says if it was Parth’s marriage, Indu must have made better arrangements. Indu says she wouldn’t have hurried if it was Parth’s marriage. Teni comes downstairs looking around for something. Ammi asks what she wants. Teni replies she wants peace which she can’t find in this house, she wants to go away from here. She then demands a hair dryer. Indu goes to get one, but Parth brings one. Teni passes by Parth, her hair was tucked in his shirt’s button. They share an eye lock. Teni tries to remove her hair and feels uncomfortable, curtly saying everyone is always stalking her in the house. Iqbal comes to help Teni and promises he won’t let her get trapped anywhere until he is here. Teni smiles and turns to leave. Parth asks if Teni still doesn’t remember what she is forgetting. Teni turns to stare at him. He points the hair dryer which Iqbal passes at Teni. Indu prays for Parth and Teni getting together.
In the room, Teni was confused about Parth and Iqbal while she dried her hair. She wonders how she must tell Parth how difficult it is for her to select a single path at this point in life.

PRECAP: Parth wasn’t ready to share the truth with Ipshita and hurt her emotions. Indu asks what if Ipshita finds about it at a later stage of her life. Ipshita stood at the door and questions what truth? Later Ipshita comes downstairs to the function and calls Teni as Mama. Teni turns around in reply to her call..

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