Dil Se Dil Tak 29th May 2018 Written Update

Dil Se Dil Tak 29th May 2018 Written Update by Sona

Dil Se Dil Tak 29th May 2018 Written Episode

Iqbal was watching Teni from the door of his room. Teni was lost in deep thoughts. Iqbal considers himself stupid, Teni must not be getting his voice because of door. Teni speaks to herself whom she must select, Parth or Iqbal? Iqbal reached just behind her and says Iqbal. Teni was shocked to see him, then hugs him at once. Iqbal asks if she is fine. He was suspicious as she is a different person. Teni smiles that he wanted a hug yesterday, she thought about giving it.
Parth wasn’t ready to bring Ipshita between everything. Indu asks what is he afraid of. Parth wonders what Ipshita would go through if Teni still leaves. Indu asks what if Ipshita knows about the reality after some time, she will begin to hate them. She convinces Parth to tell Ipshita about the truth. Ipshita stood at the door

and asks which truth?
Teni comes downstairs for the henna function.
Indu stops Ipshita and warns if he doesn’t, she herself will tell Ipshita everything. Parth speaks to Ipshita about her questions for Teni. He tells Ipshita that Teni saved her on the day she was about to fell off the stairs, Teni saved her. It was because of her mother-daughter connection with Ipshita. Ipshita wasn’t ready to accept it as her mother was Shorvari. Parth tells Ipshita that once they realized a baby was resting in Shorvari’s belly but it had lesser space, so they requested Teni to keep the baby in her belly and grow her. He says Teni is also her mother, and they are only trying to remind her about it.
Teni was getting her henna applied. Iqbal comes to take Teni for dance. The henna applier requests him to wait until she writes his name but he doesn’t give any time. Teni joins everyone for the dance. Ipshita then walks downstairs and calls Teni as Mama! Everyone stops at once. Teni was emotional and turns around to look at Ipshita.
She runs to Ipshita and asks her to say it again. Ipshita repeats the word Mama! Teni hugs her tightly. Indu and Parth were elated.
Ammi was upset that Teni has got her memories back, it’s all finished now. Teni apologizes Ipshita for leaving her alone, she asks if she is angry with her. Ipshita says she is really happy to get her mother back. Teni promises she will never leave her.
Ammi asks Iqbal to leave. Iqbal says he did it once more, but this time he won’t leave Teni until she herself asks him to leave this place.
Ipshita dislikes the fragrance of Teni’s henna. She goes to wipe it off.
Iqbal stood devastated.
Teni hugs Parth and says she remember everything, his love, their marriage, the family and Ipshita. They will always live together now. Parth hugs Indu and Teni along with Ipshita. Ammi takes Iqbal away.
Teni again hears Ipshita saying Mama! She realizes it was a day dreaming. Teni turns around to look at Ipshita. She decides she can’t harm Iqbal’s emotions. She asks Parth whom is she calling as her mother. Ipshita tells Teni she has forgotten about being her mother, but soon she will remember it all. Teni composes herself and scolds Ipshita to get away else she will ruin her henna. Iqbal wonders why she is fuming. Teni asks Parth to take care of his daughter and get her treated. Parth apologizes Ipshita as she had to hear bad words because of him, it’s just that he has to work hard to get something in the exam of his life. Ipshita says he is the best papa in the world. Teni watches Parth carrying Ipshita. Ammi sends Teni to get her henna completed. She takes Iqbal aside and says his decision of leaving Teni here was the worst in life. Ammi says they will continue creating dramas to get Teni’s memory back. They are playing bad game and he must leave before Teni denies marrying him. She says this is possible Teni is lying to them about not remembering anything from her past.

PRECAP: Iqbal comes to grab Parth’s collar for breaking his promise. Indu and Ammi come there, worried that Teni is nowhere found in the house. Parth wonders if she left the house again.

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