Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 12th March 2020 Written Update

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 12th March 2020 Written Update by MA

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 12th March 2020 Written Episode

Manu Bhargav reaches Jhansi. Sonia welcomes him with garland. Manu Bhargav thanks her and says he is visiting his motherland after 16 years and feeling great. Sonia says let us go to the party for which he is invited. Manu Bhargav gets into car with his team and Sonia and leaves. In party, after Anshuman and Kajal’s dance performance, Bua announces Rashmi’s performance. Rashmi sings Aaj Hamare Ghar Me Ajab Si Uljhan hai…song. Anshuman with Kajal and others dances. Bua rounds money around Kajal and Anshuman and after performance keeps money on Rashmi’s harmonium. Rashmi asks what did she do. Bua says she liked her performance, so she gave her money. Rashmi asks money which she rounded on Anshuman and Kajal. Bua yells she didn’t do anything wrong and yells at Rashmi that she always wants to insult her and now she will not stay in this house from hereon. Tanya yells at Rashmi. Arun warns her to behave. Bua packs her bags while Anshuman and Gaurav try to stop her. Tanya continues yelling at Rashmi while Arun warns her to shut up. Tanya says she doesn’t like anyone insulting bua who is like her mother and if Bua leaves, even she will leave. Bua walks out and says at least someone is supporting her and now she will not tolerate any insult. Kajal stops Bua and says she thought her that the more she bends, the more her respect will increase and even her mamma taught not to lose her self-respect, but she will apologize her on her mamma’s behalf. Rashmi says she will apologize Bua and tells Bua that she is an artist who likes praises more than many an dalways used to give her earned money to charity, they both are right in their own way.

Riya informs that Sonia called and informed that Manu Bhargav has reached here. Anshuman hugs Bua happily saying his dancing inspiration Manu Bhargav is here, he will go and receive him. Kajal stops him and asks him to get ready first and then greet Manu Bhargav. Anshuman says she is right and walks in to get ready.

Rashmi thinks she will not let Manu Bhargav ruin her daughter’s life and walks towards door to meet him when Kajal stops her and says she will meet Manu Bhargav and confront him. Rashmi tries to stop her, but she walks away. Manu asks Sonia to hurry up as he needs to return soon. Kajal walks to him and looking at his face reminisces all the ordeals she faced because of his name. Manu Bhargav asks who is she, don’t tell him that even she came to check if Manu Bhargav really came here, he is waiting since 3 minutes and doesn’t like waiting. She says what about people who are waiting for him since years. He asks if she has gone mad everyone wait for him and she doesn’t know who he is. She says she very well know who he is and is the one whose life is ruined because of him. She continues and finally reveals that she is Rashmi Vyas’ daughter Kajal Vyas.

Precap: Kajal performs Manu Bhargav’s shraad and says he is finally dead for her.

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