Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 20th January 2020 Written Update

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 20th January 2020 Written Update by MA

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 20th January 2020 Written Episode

Rajiv with Sunehri walks to Rashmi. Rashmi asks them to have food and go. Sunehri says they will stay in this house. Rashmi asks what do they mean. Sunehri says seeing the recent events Rajiv cannot see Rashmi’s ordeal and wants to stay with her and support her. Rajiv says she is right, can they stay in this house. Rashmi says they can stay till they want and can help her control Kajal. Rajiv says why don’t they get Kajal married. Naani says Kajal will not like this idea and will rebel. Sunehri says let us speak to Kajal first and asks where is she. Rashmi says she has gone out.

Kajal meets Anshuman and says she wanted to tell him something important. Tanya seeing Kajal thinks she doesn’t know what will Kajal do now. Anshuman asks Kajal to speak. Kajal thinks this is the right time to speak out her heart, if not now then never. She says I love you Anshuman. Anshuman stands shocked. Maita tere naal hi rahna ji…song… plays in the background. Kajal says she is madly in his love and asks why is he silent, if he is shocked or angry on her, she told whatever is in her heart and its up to him now. Tanya walks to her and asks if she is made, there is no match between them at all. Kajal says she wants to hear it from Anshuman, does he think same. Anshuman laughs and says she is mad, he genuinely doesn’t know how to react and what to reply. Kajal says there is no need to reply anything, he has time to take his decision; she tried earlier many times by dreaming about him, looking herself into his eyes, etc., but never got courage to tell him; now she is feeling very light as if she is flying in air. Tanya says she knows what Kajal is feeling, but Anshuman needs time to decide. Anshuman asks should he drop Kajal. Kajal says she wants to enjoy the feeling and walks away. Tanya thinks she cannot let middle class Kajal ruin her brother’s life and has to keep her away somehow.

Rochak tries to write his novel. His father asks where did he reach. Rochak says he has 2 heroes in his novel. Father says it means its a love triangle. Kamini comments. They both laugh on her and Rochak goes out to complete his novel. Father says he doesn’t know what he is up to. Kamini thinks thank god Kajal is out of her son’s life.

Rajiv eagerly waits for Kajal and says its already 8 p.m., let him call her. Rashmi says no need fore that, Kajal will come soon. Sunehri says its not good for girls to stay out till 8 p.m. Parth laughs. Rashmi asks him to not interfere between elders. Kajal enters and jokes on Rajiv and Sunehri. Rashmi warns her. Kajal says she was just joking. Rashmi asks why she is so happy todayt. Kajal says she has grown up and has taken a biggest decision of her life which they will like in the future. Rashmi asks what is it. Kajal says its end result will surprise them, she is really happy today and asks Rashmi to bless her. Rashmi blesses her to be happy always and hugs her. Kajal walks to her room. Rashmi says she doesn’t know what happened to Kajal today. Sunehri says kajal’s feet are getting out of her blanket, they should get her married soon. Rashmi say she is still a kid. Rajiv says if girl takes wrong path, parents will be in trouble. Rashmi says she doesn’t want to hurry. Rajiv says it will take a lot of time to find a boy and fix alliance, they should at least start. Rashmi asks to inform if they have any boy. Sunehri says they will find many. Rajiv asks Rashmi to get some salad. Rashmi goes into kitchen while Sunehri smirks.

Precap: Sunehri calls someone to meet Kajal and finalize alliance, thinks what she couldn’t get even Kajal shouldn’t. She knocks Kajal’s room door and says look who came to meet her.

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