Dilli Darlings 13th August 2019 Written Update

Dilli Darlings 13th August 2019 Written Update by Sona

Dilli Darlings 13th August 2019 Written Episode

The social elite arrive on Jalesh, they get stunned by what they saw and the magnitude of the cruise ship, they all get really excited.
Many a is very excited to be on the cruise, everyone else still has a complaint with the arrangements, they all are called for the security drills but Seema is not there, they all get very angry and frustrated as to why she so let them, She finally arrives paying no heed to their complains.
When the drills are completed, Manya introduces Shaloo to her group, they all greet her, and she also likes the group and is comfortable, also looking forward to spending time with them.
Maya is looking to see if the arrangements are all okay, Seema comes with another party as it is a chance to further improve their function, Manya gets really reluctant to accept

anything fearing that Seema is trying to steal her show, she gets tensed making Seema also feel the way, Manya takes her leave mentioning that she has to go to the spa.
Manya goes to meet her closest friends at the restaurant, she explains that Seema came and invited her to another function which she has organized beside her anniversary party, they all get worried why she has done such a thing, they all constipate that she did this to ruin her celebration otherwise what could have been the reason.
Seema then goes to all the gang members giving them the gift invites to the party, everyone is shocked to see that she has planned something else rather than Manya anniversary party. They also have mixed views of her gifts saying that they are not their size. Complaining that she should not have done planned such an event on someone’s anniversary.
Everyone meets to start the celebration, they all are cracking jokes, when she says to Shaloo that they can swap her husband, she gets angry and is about to leave, this stance also makes the other invites uncomfortable, Guneet is speaking very much and is really happy, they all have extreme fun but still get angry at very small things that are said by their friends, Shaloo is still defending her husband, they all are really happy to see that she is really simple.
Shaloo goes to the restaurant receiving the red velvet cake which she had ordered for her husband’s birthday celebration, she heads to her in and after entering secretly wishes him, he is left utterly surprised, she gives him the gifts which their kids have send for him in a bag which she made herself, he is really happy to witness the surprise event, she also has something else planned, before going to prepare for it she requests that he does not sleep.
Shaloo shows that she has specially brought some bangles that have his photos on them, she then enters while dancing and he is left with nothing but to thank him, she makes say thank you five times, to which he has but to agree.

Precap: Manya’s husband comes, he steps down and proposes before giving her the gift, and Seema wishes them before presenting a gift, everyone is really angry to see that she has done such a thing. Manya enquires if she can open it afterwards.

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