Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 11th June 2015 Written Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 11th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 11th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aseem saying he has no objection. Vicky calls Aseem and Aseem goes out. He goes to the kids and they ask him not to change the channel. Aseem says he will give them chocolates. Aseem plays a news of Chadda, who holds a press conference to clear his image, and says he is not responsible for Mehra’s death, I was giving him more amount than he asked, I will give his wife bigger amount so that she can do duties for her daughters. Aseem sends the kids out. Everyone hear the news and get sad. Vicky says Chadda is cheap man, don’t worry. LN gets angry and asks Dabbu how did this conference come on her channel.

Aseem says Dylan is editor in chief, he has joined hands with Chadda. Dabbu has taken interview and I did a lot to bring the news on air, Dylan ruined it. Mamta asks him why is he ashamed. Aseem says I m part of that channel. Suganda asks him to leave it. His dad asks him to say about the mahurat after 7 days. Aseem says its fine for me. He asks Dabbu. Dabbu looks at everyone and recalls Dylan. She agrees and they all share sweets. Dylan gets angry seeing the conference and says its limit, he made the channel a joke, they will never let the channel work, corrupt people, I m sure Chadda has bought Mirchandani, Chadda is a creep, Dabbu has worked hard and they ruined her hardwork.

He says he has to fight with them by mind, not by anger. He calms down and plays music. Khamoshiyan…………..plays………. He recalls its same song he heard along Dabbu on the way. He recalls the moments between her and her marriage decision with Aseem. The sisters do a cookies party and tease Dabbu. Chandi finds Dabbu sad. She asks is she not happy with this marriage. Dabbu says I m happy. Chandi says I tell my heart out always, I m shocked on your yes for this marriage, I felt you liked Dylan, not Aseem.

Chandi says I have seen you and Dylan dancing in club, you both have solid chemistry, which is not between you and Aseem. Anji asks is she mad, how did Dylan come in between. Dabbu says love looks good in films and books, it does not happen in real life. Eshu asks is she saying this. Dabbu says yes, I was living in dreams, this does not happen in reality, there is nothing between me and Dylan, he is self centered man, we kept his name right, Dylan the villain, you all like Aseem. Chandi asks do you love him. Dabbu says it will happen, I m happy and you all are happy, this is imp. Chandi worries.

Vicky and Aseem drink wine and celebrate. Aseem says he has ruined Dylan’s plans. Vicky says we have to go to Chadda, he will benefit from your marriage, so he should cover all expenses for your marriage. Aseem and Vicky call each other creeps and laugh. Dylan sees Dabbu and Aseem giving sweets and gets to know by the peon. Ishq ki fakeeri jab lag jaaye…………plays……….

Aseem distributes the sweets and holds Dabbu. Dylan signs no to Dabbu. Sheetal says she needs to talk something imp about 9pm slot. Aseem asks Dabbu to give sweets to her boss. Dabbu says no need. Aseem asks her to keep personal issues out of office. He insists and smiles. Dabbu goes to Dylan. Aseem thinks when she comes sad from his cabin, then he will console her. Dabbu gives the sweets to him and he asks her to throw it in bin as she is doing with her life.

He says he won’t celebrate if she is ruining her life. She asks him to not comment on her personal life, he has cleared that he will not support truth, she does not trust him after what he did, why is he worried for her. He says Aseem is not a good guy, trust me. She argues and cries. Dylan’s mum comes and asks did she come on wrong time. They say no and see her.

Dylan’s mum smiles and asks about sweets. Dylan says Dabbu is getting engaged. She finds him upset and says congrats to Dabbu. Dabbu says thanks mam and leaves. Ye mann ki hai kamzoriyan……….plays…….. Dylan’s mum asks him. Dylan says Aseem is not a good man. She asks is she upset. He says no, I m alright. She smiles and says she is his mum, she can see he is upset, she can sense it by his voice. She asks him to answer her, if he upset because of Aseem or about her marriage, do you love her? Dylan looks on.

Mamta says couple wear coordinated clothes. Dabbu says yellow will look good on Dylan. The family gets shocked. Dylan thinks why did he come to Dabbu’s home, when he was going to his home, why is he thinking so much about her..

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