Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 30th April 2015 Written Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 30th April 2015 Written Update by Amena

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 30th April 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dabbu asking Sunny about the requirements. Sunny says he did all setting, producer has chosen her. Dabbu says she will not miss this chance, and starts recording. She asks what she has to do to become a lead heroine. He asks her to go to hotel room at night, and she asks will there be her audition. He says yes, it wil be big one with producer. She says she does not understand. He says tell him what you can do, and she says she understood, and asks him whi is this producer, she is worried will her career be made by this. He says R K Mundra, he is big director, make him happy and then you can be happy too. She thinks she got the big news and will be applauded for this. He asks her to come on time, and come in short clothes. She says fine.

She asks him not to worry, as he will not identify her at night. He leaves. She says Mundra will see you in news flash at night, not in room, sting operation is done well, Dylan will be happy. Dylan is in office and says he thought Dabbu will do it, but he was wrong. He hears music to relieve stress. Dabbu comes to him and says she knows he is angry, but he has to talk to her. She says he told that operation failed, but she will say him that she is Dabbu, she has done it. She gives him te CD. He sees it and thinks of the last time.

He thinks she got another CD again and throws it outside the window. Dabbu is stunned. Dylan asks does she not have work, she gets CD of her audition daily, he has much work, which she makes flop. He asks her to shut her mouth and say for what she came here. She says he has thrown the sting operation Cd. He laughs and says what sting operation. She says after he went, she made her mum and aunty leave and spoke to Sunny, and got the producer name too, she got all the info. He says no. She says yes. Dylan gets angry and they both try to find the Cd.

She murmurs angrily and says got it, seeing a cat. He asks did she get. She says she got a cute cat. He asks is she mad, her mind is of donkey being with animals. He says you should have told me whats in CD before giving Cd. She says she told him, and did not know he has earphones. He says you should have checked I m listening or not. She gets the CD and sees the car mirror glass broken. She asks him not to turn, as there is good news and bad news. She says the good news is she got the CD and asks him not to turn. He asks whats the bad news. She says you see it. He turns and sees the glass pieces of his car side mirror.

She picks the CD and says my Cd is strong, it fell and broke the mirror, but it did not break, you can’t scold me for this. She says the best part is his car will go for repair and she does not need to wash it. He takes the Cd and looks at her smilingly.

Its night, Mamta gets the hot kachoris. Phool is still at their home. Mamta asks why is Chandi upset. Binny says she did not get good response from matrimonial site. Phool asks Chandi to find a guy like Dabbu did, and tells about the mall incident. The girls don’t believe her. LN says even I don’t agree. Phool asks them to ask Mamta. Mamta says its not like she is saying. She says she trusts her daughters and knows Dabbu would have gone for some office work. Dabbu comes home and says mum is right. She says about the sting operation and tells everything.

Eshu says its so cool. Mamta asks why did she take tough work. Dabbu says she did the work, and tells Phool that she can see that guy in 9pm news. LN says your boss gave you good work by giving this task. They sit to see news and Dabbu plays the news on tv. The reporter tells about the producer R K Mundra and agent Sunny’s truth. Dabbu is not seen anywhere and even her name does not come. They dislike the guy. Phool says she thought seeing them together that she is having an affair with him, but she disliked the girl. Chandi says we are Thakur girls and don’t have any risk with others, but they have risk with us.

They think to celebrate. Sunny apologizes to Mundra and gets slapped by him. Mundra asks the channel head how did he do testing operation on him. The man apologizes to him and says he was out of city. Mundra says remove this news and post an apology, and tell me the name of the undercover reporter, so that she can pay the price. The family celebrates Dabbu’s first successful work. Dabbu thinks they all are happy with her happiness, this is perfect life.

Its morning, Dylan gets message about the successful sting operation and says I did not think it will be successful, duffer Debjani has surprised me. Dylan meets his boss Mirchandani and says he has given him big bucket instead of scoop, is he happy. The boss asks him to remove it from news. Dylan asks why, its breaking news, we exposed a man who exploited girls. Mirchandani says he is our investor, how will we get fund for our channel, do as I say, don’t argue, I got you here to uplift the channel, not to shut it.

He says Sunny will apologize and say that he took producer’s name to impress the girl, who was the girl who did this. Dylan says it does not mean any difference now, she is new and joined with me. Mirchandani asks the receptionist about new people joined. He comes to know about Debjani Thakur and calls Mundra to inform him. Dabbu comes to office and smiles as everyone see her. She thinks she proved her talent, now Dylan has to praise me.

She goes to his cabin and does not see him. She says where did he go, shall I wait or go. She sees his chair and says I should sit once after the successful sting operation. She sits and says wow, this chair is so comfortable. She acts like him and calls him an idiot and praises herself. Dylan comes and hears her. He looks around to see why is she talking alone and hears her stupidity. Dylan calls her duffer and very stupid. She is stunned and looks at him.

Dabbu and Dylan look at each other. Eshu asks her why is she staring at him. Dabbu says I m seeing why he came, maybe he got his biodata here and would be looking for his new job. She is shocked seeing Sunny. Sunny aims gun at her.

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