Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 31st July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls 31st July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dylan receiving the award. He thanks and says he is lucky to get it, but its not just his award, someone has supported him in his work and is also going to become part of his life, the girl whom he loves, he wants her to come on stage and share this award, Debjani Thakur, please come. Dabbu and her family smile. Dabbu goes to Dylan on stage and he gives the award to her. They smile. Dylan proposes her and asks will you share your life with me. Dabbu holds his hand and smiles. Everyone clap for them. She says ofcourse I will.

She holds Eshu’s hand in sleep and says I will. Eshu wakes Dabbu and asks what is she dreaming. Dabbu says actually… Binny asks whom was she thanking. Dabbu says she dreamt that Dylan and she were in award function. Eshu says you are going in evening. Dabbu says I m excited, my dream will get fulfilled in award function. Binny prays for Dabbu’s happiness.

Dylan sends a dress for Dabbu and Eshu receives it, and informs the same to Dabbu. Sunaina chooses a dress and says she will wear the necklace Dylan gifted her, she will surprise him in award function. She gets a call and says she is sure about Dylan, once she marries him, her past will not matter, all her financial issues will get over.

Its evening, Dylan and his mum come in the party. He compliments her. She says you are saying so as Dabbu did not come till now. She says she is very happy, she is proud mum, he reached here by his own hardwork. He thanks her and asks her to sit, he will receive Dabbu’s family and come. He goes out and calls Dabbu. Eshu takes the call. He asks where is she, he is dying to see her in that dress. Eshu says really, I did not know.

Dabbu smiles. Dylan says sorry. Eshu says we are reaching in 5mins. He waits for them. Dabbu comes in the white gown. He gets mesmerized seeing her. He thinks she is looking very beautiful. He walks to her and Sunaina comes in between, saying surprise. He gets shocked seeing her. He says what a surprise, you are looking beautiful. She thanks him. Dabbu stops and he hides. Dabbu says she forgot her phone. Binny says you gave phone to me.

Sunaina asks what is he doing. He says he is folding her gown, and thinks how did Sunaina come, what to do now. Another car comes in between. Dylan takes Sunaina. He says its just 5mins for function to start. Dabbu says we will wait here, Dylan said he will meet us here. Mamta and LN have a talk and go inside.

Sunaina says I m so happy for you, its special day for you, so I came to surprise. She says she feels he is not happy seeing her. He says I m happy seeing you here, you doubled my happiness, I thought you will get bored here. She says I can’t get bored with you. Binny and Eshu are going to washroom. Sunaina says it was special night for us yesterday, we decided to marry, you did not propose me till now, I m upset. Binny and Eshu miss to see Dylan.

Sunaina asks when will he announce their engagement. He says I want to plan something, you are special for me. He says I think we should go in award function, come. Mamta says Dylan has made us sit in VIP section. LN says but I will be happy in any seat, as Dylan will get award and share with Dabbu. Dabbu waits for Dylan. Binny asks her to wait. Dabbu says I m excited.

Dylan comes there and waves them. Sunaina sits behind Dabbu. Dabbu thinks Dylan is nervous, as he is getting a big award. The function starts and Dylan is called for the award for his honest contribution in reporting. Dylan receives the award and smiles. Everyone clap. He says he gives the credit to his team, this is new journey for him and wants their support. He sees Sunaina and thinks he has promised Dabbu to share this award with her, but Sunaina won’t bear this, but Dabbu deserves this award, I will explain Sunaina later.

He says there is a woman after a man’s success, the one who motivates him and supports him always, I m the lucky one to have two women in my life, one of my mum Mrs. Juliet Shekhawat, thanks mum from my heart, and second woman of my life, she is my inspiration and strength. He sees Dabbu and smiles. He says she knows I m talking about her. Dabb and her family get glad. He says I want her to come here and share this award. Dabbu and Sunaina get up and Sunaina pushes Dabbu and walks to Dylan. He gets stunned. Sunaina gives her hand. Dylan holds her hand and they all get shocked. Dabbu looks at Dylan.

Sunaina says Dylan and she are marrying very soon. Dabbu looks at them and cries.

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