Divya Drishti 23rd February 2019 Written Update

Divya Drishti 23rd February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Divya Drishti 23rd February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Two parents are worried for their kids. The woman says we had the power to see kaal. I ate it and it went to my daughters. Who will save them. Guru ji said when they turn 5 their powers will be evident. Who will save them. Sartak says don’t worry. What is meant to be will happen only.
They come to temple. Sartak says they are home. Guard wont let them out. The mother prays for her daughters.

The daughters are asleep. They hear bells ringing. Drishti says Divya my head hurts a lot. Divya says sleep it wont hurt. A light appears in her head. She sees an old dam. People are drowning it its waters. She says please go. I am so scared. Divya says the door is lockeed. The rod flew and came to her hand. Drishti says dam is breaking lets go. They break the window and go

Divya drishti come to the dam. Drishti sees that she can make tings fly. Divya and Drishti save the dam by fixing it with trees. All people see her. they says these girls are durga. They have special powers. Their mother comes too. She recalls what happened three years ago.
She was running in the jungle. Guru ji stopped her. She says Guru ji you.. He said Vidya you don’t have a lot of time. Did anyone see you? She says no one saw me. He says those three powers. She says the first power has all the powers. It can stop the skies and the mountains.
A witch took tatwarish from a man. She has all the powers. She took second power from a woman. Guru ji says but we have the third power.

The witch comes there and says you are giving it to ehr without me being here. Guru ji says is there any good in you. She says no good is there in me . See I was so right and you were so wrong. You are old. I have and tatwarya. Give me the third power too. Give me this rat too. Guru ji shoved her. He give the crystal to Vidya. Shantani came in between but the crystal went inside Vidya. Guru ji asks her to run. Guru j dies. Shantani is burned too. Guru ji’s man says she is dead. Guru ji said Vidya’s daughter will have the powers. One will see kaal and other will be able to stop kaal. When the meet the boy with powers they will stop kaal.

Vidya and Sartak ran from their house. Shantani woke up and tried to kill guru ji but he disappeared. Shantani comes to the city.
Vidya takes her daughters from the dam.
Vidya is worried. Drishti says is something bad going to happen? Divya says no.
Vidya and sartak leave the house with their daughters. Shantani is there.

Vidya says to Divya and drishti I want to tell you something. She tells them what happened. She says always remember this. Divya takes them inside the car.
Shantani sees Sartak and says you asked them three to run? Where did you make them go? I know you wont tel. She puts finger on his head. He faints.

Divya drishti and Vidya run and sit in a train. The train starts. Vidya couldn’t get in the train. Vidya tries to get on the train. Shantai stops her. Se tries to get on the train. Vidya fights Shantani. Shantani tries to stop te train. Vidya says those are my daughter and they are goin away from your darkness. Vidya cries. Shantni kills her. The train leaves. Shantani tries to stop the train. Drishti sees that the train will burn. Drishti falls from the train.
A couple sees Drishti. Divya tries to stop wake people up and says the train will burn.
The couple brings Drishti to the station. They ask where are you parents. she tells them that her mother died.
Divya says to people I know. I can see. She shows her husband the paper and says she is the same girl. They take Drishti with them. The train burns. Shantni says the train burned? That means the girls too? No. She runs and says no those girls can’t die. they are alive.

Precap-Shantani comes to the village. Divya and Drishti get young. They try to find each other.

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