Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2014 Written Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2014 Written Update by Amena

Diya Aur Baati Hum 31st July 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sandhya coming to meet the govt tax officer again. She gets a call from Bhabho. Bhabho asks her did she get the order. Sandhya says I did not meet the tax officer till now, but I m trying. Sandhya says Bhabho’s hope is breaking. She comes to meet the officer and says I m sorry to come like this. He says see you are ASP and you think you can use your post and can get any wrong work, so let me tell you I won’t help you. Meenakshi sees Emily talking to her brother and saying she will give the money to him, as she got much money. Meenakshi gets worried. She acts sweet and taunts Emily.

Emily sits and eats the food. She says so much salt. Meenakshi says you feel trouble as you got salt extra, think how much money is there in rs 15000, I did not think you will do this with me. She confronts Emily for fooling her with chits. She asks her not to become so innocent as she knows all the things. Emily says this is the starting, see what all I did now. Meenakshi gets angry and wants to scold her, but Bhabho comes and asks Emily to call Sandhya. Emily calls Sandhya.

Kanha cries and Meenakshi goes. The man says everyone is equal to me and I support only the truth. Sandhya thanks him for giving her more hope. She says I did not come here as ASP, but as a normal person to request you to see this papers. He asks her to sit and sees the papers. He says this prives the shop is of Santosh Rathi, so she is paying the tax for 13 years, you can take verification letter in 30mins and then you can get the stay order. He says I felt you will use your power, but I was wrong, I m sorry. She says its ok, I m glad meeting you.

She says you are a true govt officer, who understands duty. She leaves. CChavi thinks how to win Dilip’s heart. She takes care of her sarees and tries to talk to Dilip. He sees her packing the bag and asks what is she doing. She says nothing, I m keeping the sarees in bag so that they don’t spoiled. He asks how can you leave the house, how can you think so. She thinks its good he is thinking this and smiles. She says I said sorry many times, I did so much to make you happy, but you both are not forgiving me, I know I did a big mistake. She says I won’t be here, as I will hurt you.

She says don’t worry about me, I will manage alone, but can’t trouble you more. He says he needs time to forget everything, but relations does not end like this. He says you are not going anywhere, this is my decision. He leaves. Chavi smiles happily and says this mean he still loves me, time will be needed to him to forget it. Mohit and Vikram cheer up Sooraj by showing him pics of the world’s best chef. Babas asks Bhabho to come and see. Kavita comes there to taunt Sooraj again by saying Sandhya’s name. She says Sandhya can’t get your pride and respect back which you lost, all this is history now.

Kavita steps inside the house. Bhabho asks her to stop and taunts her. She says she is worse than an animal. Kavita says I did not come here to get insulted, but brought a proposal for you. She taunts Bhabho and everyone looks on. She says just two days left and then I will take the shops from you forever, I don’t think Sandhya can do anything. Sooraj says we don’t have this fake regretting from you, I don’t need to know from you what Sandhya is doing for me, I know her very well. He asks her to leave.

Kavita asks is he afraid. She says your son can’t hear anything against his wife, make him understand as you can see his pain well. His shop is his life. She asks Sandhya to come to her at her house and beg to her sitting on her knees, is she apologizes, then she will give them the shop back. Then he can work at the shop his way. She asks Sooraj did Sandhya do her patnidharam, you did a lot for her, but what did she do for you. She says now she has to come to me and beg me to get your life and dreams back. Everyone looks on.

Sooraj tells Bhabho that he won’t accept this way, even if the shop goes. Bhabho says I know, Kavita’s proposal is wrong, but we don’t have any way. He asks Bhabho not to tell anything to Sandhya. Sandhya comes home and says Sooraj ji. Everyone look at her.

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