Doli Armaanon Ki 20th August 2014 Written Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 20th August 2014 Written Update by Rimjhim

Doli Armaanon Ki 20th August 2014 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
samrat starts reprimanding urmi, for coming out dressed as unmarried, and starts proclaiming her to be enjoying the unmarried status. Samrat tells Urmi not to spoil his reputation. Urmi tells him that he is not important for her anymore, as she is just doing all this for herself and noone else. she says that he doesnt mean that much, that she plans her revenge on him, or even think of him. she says that he doesnt have any value or existence in her life. urmi says that she is proud of being a mother, and that when he doesnt exist for her, she wont wear the symbols of a married lady. she says that such symbols maybe for him to show off to the society, but not her, and till he had respect in her eyes, she adorned them, but now if she wears them, she would be a hypocrite, to be mocking them, despite insulting the pious relation that a couple shares. urmi says that sometimes, such turns come when not only life changes, but a new life begins. Urmi asks him to accept this truth too, as she isnt privy to his existence, as she has her own self respect and confidence, and she wont let him be a part of his identity anymore. she leaves, while he stands shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and urmi ‘s residence
Mandira raises a hue and cry, that she wants to tie a rakhi to shaurya. kanchan says that she had sent her rakhi to urmi’s place, but mandira is adamant to meet shaurya. Rudra begins to make mandira understand childishly, while kanchan is distraught. mandira asks how would she know that shaurya tied her rakhi. Rudra says that he would send a pic of the same. kanchan says that he had sent a rakhi sometime back and that now it must have reached definitely. rudra sends mandira off to play gleefully. Mandira asks when would shaurya and urmi return. rudra says that they would come in sometime. mandira leaves in glee. Rudra laments as to urmi has to come back, to be able to tie the family together. Samrat comes in and relates what urmi said, and how she is searching for a job. rudra says that he himself made her that helpless. samrat in unfazed, and says that he would let her soar, and then cut her short. He asks them not to intervene, as he can mess with her, whenever he wants to, and is just enjoying her new sense of freedom.

The driver reaches urmi’s place, and gaurav sees him. when the driver gives the rakhi, gaurav gets angry and begins to reprimand the servant, that now they seem to be bothered, when noone raised a voice when his sister was facing torture at samrat’s hands. He asks him to go and relate that they dont want to keep any relation with the house, and their family anymore.

When the driver comes back, shashi asks him whats the matter. the driver says what happened with gaurav. shashi begins to fume. The driver apologises, and then shashi turns him to her side. She asks him to tell kanchan that not gaurav but urmi sent the rakhi back, and that she bears no relation to this house and its family members. the driver complies and leaves. shashi stands to watch the dr5ama. kanchan is shocked to hear what the driver said. diwaker is shocked too. Shashi likes that fact that kanchan is unnerved, when the driver plays to her tunes. kanchan and diwaker are stunned that urmi could behave like this. kanchan starts being angry at urmi for doing this, when she loves her so much. Diwaker is unable to believe this. kanchan still fumes, saying that when urmi has decided to be enemies with her, then so be it, and that mandira shall forget about her brother, shaurya. Shashi is overjoyed at this.

The next morning, mandira refuses to have breakfast, saying that she would eat only after seeing shaurya’s pic with the rakhi, hearing which kanchan is angry. mandira is hurt seeing aditi and diwaker and samrat celebrate rakhi. As samrat gives a wad of notes, aditi is disappointed, but when he asks her to ask for whatever she wants, she says that she would duly ask in time. samrat is amused at this. kanchan comes back from the kitchen and finds that she still hasnt eaten. mandira refuses to eat. kanchan starts angrily feeding her, and she throws off the plate of food. Shashi gets angry at mandira. aditi goes to mandira and calms her down. mandira refuses to be quiet and she takes mandira out, to compose her. rudra is apalled to see this.

Later, when samrat returns home early, shashi goes to his room, to talk to him. Shashi asks samrat to forget about urmi, and think that she died. she hesitatingly proposes samrat’s second marriage, but is scared when he eyes her tersely. But samrat agrees thinking that this would be a huge setback to them and particularly urmi. samrat thinks that urmi would have to come, as he would fill her life with so many problems, that she would have to bow. samrat gets a call, and thinks that very soon she and her family would get the first fatal blow. He happily picks up the phone.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
gaurav holds out his hand, while urmi ties him rakhi. gaurav makes her a promise that she can stay here as long as she wants. urmiu is emotional. Annu too ties the rakhi, and then gaurav leaves, citing that he has a long meeting. shaurya asks about his rakhi. just then, mandira comes in with aditi saying that she came for tying rakhi. all are shocked but welcome them. They are all happy that finally shaurya and mandira can celebrate rakhi. urmi and aditi eyee each other apalled. granny asks saroj to calm down. mandira ties the rakhi with annu’s celebration. urmi thanks aditi that she got mandira. aditi says that she cant even tell her to come back. urmi says that such situations do come in life, when everyone is helpless. Shaurya asks her what does she want as a gift. mandira says that she just wants him to come soon. urmi is distraught to see this.

Gaurav comes back early in the evening, lost and disappointed. all are concerned and everyone asks whats the matter. gaurav says that he lost his job. All are shocked. the screen freezes on urmi’s shocked face.

Precap: Gaurav says that he lost his job due to samrat, who threw in his word, and got him fired. Devi tells urmi that it would be good if she returns back to her house, so that their lives can be normal. devi emotionally tries to blackmail urmi, that if she doesnt return, samrat wont stop at turning their lives into hell, and ruining them. urmi is tensed.

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  1. Kia
    August 21, 13:18 Reply

    Plz…dont make her go tht to uselss family ….rudra is such a selfish man ,4 his family unition he wants urmi to again come to tht hell…
    No words for samrat…

  2. Butterfly
    August 21, 02:27 Reply

    Oh my allah what hell is samrat doing he has no shame he has gone too far that he even doesnt want to leave his inlows in peace this character is becoming negative n inhuman completly stop giving urmi too much constrain with every step of hers plz i want urmi to live the life on her own even if it taks her to leave this town

  3. Kris
    August 20, 16:30 Reply

    Samrat is truly a Rat indeed eating away at people’s lives and destroying everything in its part.
    Very soon very soon he will fall flat on his face, the higher you go the harder you fall.

  4. Miss Unbeleivable
    August 20, 14:32 Reply

    Urmi dont give up

    keep on fighting

    is the entire india afraid of samRAT?!

    yes sashi get samrat married to an innocent looking girl who is truly a she-devil

    she will torture sashi mentally

    Urmi if you need to leave then leave just dont go back to samRat

    even better the biggest insult for SamRat is to see Urmi working in his rival company

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