Doosri Maa 18th May 2023 Written Update

Doosri Maa 18th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Doosri Maa 18th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Aastha and Nupur asking Yashoda to bring chole and batura if Krishna doesn’t bring. Yashoda says I am going to bring Krishna. Amma asks Aastha and Nupur to go and change their dresses. Aastha says we will not go until she brings him. Kamini asks them to sit and says see their mother bringing their step brother. Aastha and Nupur sits. Krishna gets the money and thinks it is just 100, though he wants 250 Rs. He comes to the under construction building and asks for work. The guy asks him to pick the bricks and bring upstairs. Yashoda is searching for Krishna. The guy gives him 50 Rs after taking much work and asks him to go. Kamini asks Babu ji to have medicine. He says he already had it. Kamini tells him that Krishna has gone to fulfill his responsibility, and said that he will earn money and will take care of the girls and will not let them brought up by your money. She instigates him against Krishna and smirks. Krishna comes to another shop and earns money. He thanks God and says I could earn money to feed my sisters. Bansal makes him smell chloroform and makes him faint. He says I will not let you fulfill anyone’s responsibility. He takes 250 Rs from him and says you be unconscious and I will leave from here. Yashoda comes there and doesn’t see him. Krishna is still unconscious. The neighbor asks Yashoda what has happened? Yashoda says she is searching Krishna, he has come out to get some stuff. Krishna is still unconscious. A guy comes there and stands infront of him.

Kamini and Mahua are in the kitchen. Sonu asks Aastha and Nupur to get up and says Krishna will not bring chole batura. Aastha says we are waiting for Mummy. Mahua and Kamini laugh. Yashoda comes there and asks Amma if Krishna returned. Amma says no. Kamini and mahua taunt Yashoda. Kamini tells Sonu that she is making potato dish for him. Yashoda gives them chaat and says she has to go and search him. Arvind says Krishna has promised you that he will not go without your permission, so why you are scared. He asks if you don’t trust Krishna, and wants to buy chole batura from your money and want to bring it saying it is brought by Krishna. Yashoda is stunned. Amma asks her to go. She tells Arvind that he can’t understand her pain as he is not yet become a father. Kamini takes Arvind’s side. Amma asks her not to interfere when she is talking to her son. Babu ji says I am father of your son, I can ask you. Amma says you have lost the right, when you separated your grand daughters. She asks him to see how much destructions happens before he accepts Krishna.

Yashoda and Manoj are searching Krishna. She talks to Amma and asks her to call if Krishna returns. Manoj says we are searching Krishna since 4 hours. Yashoda says Krishna is very emotional and might be searching work somewhere. She says Mahua and Kamini have hurt him. She says I am fed up with all the stubborn people. She says I will take something for my stubborn daughters, I have to feed them food from outside. She says all my children are my responsibility. Manoj says you are doing all the responsibility, but Ashok ran away. Yashoda says she will file Police complaint and asks him to call her if Krishna is found. Kamini feeds food to Sonu. Sonu thanks mahua for the tasty food. Mahua gets happy. Aastha says Krishna didn’t bring chole batura. Amma says don’t know where he is roaming for money. Someone takes Krishna away from there.

Episode ends.

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