Doosri Maa 7th February 2023 Written Update

Doosri Maa 7th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Doosri Maa 7th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kamini asking Mahua to blacken Ashok’s photo in the house. Mahua says but. Kamini says if this happens then Arvind will be visible to everyone. She says here, you are seeing Arvind and not Ashok. She asks her to go and tell everyone, that he had relation with many women. Mahua says who will believe? Kamini gives fake birth certificate which Bansal brought . She asks her to show it at home and insult Ashok. Bansal says once Ashok gets humiliated in the society, Arvind and your respect will increase at home. He says if Arvind will become owner then what you will be called. Mahua says malkin. She takes birth certificate from Kamini and throws blackpowder on Ashok’s photo repeatedly.

Yashoda and Arvind are in the auto. Arvind says why Bhaiyya left. Yashoda says he didn’t come to room after party, if we had talked then I would have stopped him.

She thinks he shall return. She thinks Amma and Babu ji are not ready to believe, and Krishna hates his father, what he will feel. They come home and tell that they couldn’t find Ashok. Mahua comes there and says she came to know. She calls Nupur, Aastha and Krishna there and gives the paper in Babu ji’s hand, saying it is Ashok’s character certificate, Krishna’s birth certificate. She says Ashok is Krishna’s father. Kamini says the family members can’t show their face to anyone. She says she will blacken Arvind’s face also and will oust him too. She says Sonu will become the heir of the family, to save their Nana and Nani. She says she is doing what nobody could do. Bansal says what they might be feeling when they come to know about Ashok. Aastha and Nupur ask Yashoda. Krishna says he can’t be my father and asks Mahua why is she lying? Mahua says why she will lie and shouts at him. She says she is choti bahu and shall talk with respect. She says this Krishna is Ashok’s son. Krishna looks at Yashoda. Mahua says you people think that Ashok’s image is good, and tells that good people don’t keep their secret child away from his wife and other children. Krishna says Sir ji can’t be my father, this prove is wrong. Amma asks Yashoda to say something and says you know Krishna’s mother. Yashoda thinks from where Mahua got Krishna’s birth certificate. Babu ji says when mistake is of our blood, then why to blame others. He says he has hidden this from us, when his child was born away from the city.

Mahua says this is the proof of your husband’s betrayal, whom you used to regard as God. Yashoda says this birth certificate is fake. Mahua says you didn’t find any way to prove his innocence, then you are saying this. Yashoda tells that there are two reasons, and tells that Mala never used his father’s name, and she bear all the troubles alone, and even when dying she didn’t tell his name, so she can’t write his name on Krishna’s birth certificate. She says she has given her name to Krishna, and she didn’t tell his father’s name to him. Mahua says she might have written his father’s name so that he don’t called as illegitimate. She says she might want that Krishna shall get his rights. Yashoda says why the hospital address is wrong. She says Krishna is born outside the city and in this birth certificate, the hospital is of this city. Krishna says he has proof in which it is written where he was born. Amma says we don’t need proof.

Yashoda asks Krishna, Nupur and Aastha to go inside. They go inside. Yashoda tears the birth certificate and asks why did you get it made? Amma tells that it is Kamini’s work. Arvind scolds Mahua for coming in jiji’s talks. Babu ji scolds Arvind for not able to control his wife. He calls him useless. Arvind goes. Mahua gets angry. Yashoda says I regard you as younger sister and asks her not to interfere again. Mahua tells Yashoda that her husband has snatched their happiness and says he has run away as he had an affair with the other woman. She says I am trying to tell about that characterless person and you want to save him. Yashoda slaps her and asks her not to forget that she is talking about her jeth. She says next time, I will not forgive you.

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