Dream Girl 11th June 2015 Written Update

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Dream Girl 11th June 2015 Written Update by Amena

Dream Girl 11th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Manav playing table tennis with Samar. Samar loses and Manav asks whats the problem that he did not concentrate and win today. He asks is it about the girl he loves, its last day of contest and Samar will come infront of the world tomorrow, I made AV for you, I m sure you will like it. Samar smiles seeing the AV. He hugs Manav and thanks him. Manav says I did not say about your GF, as she did not contribute anything. Samar says no, she taught me to live life, she is my inspiration. Manav asks her name. Samar says he will say when right time comes. Ayesha looks on. Samar says he will get answer today and then he will tell him everything.

Ayesha thinks its much time till evening, she will block every hope. Karan brings Laxmi and shows his home. Samar thanks Ayesha. She asks him to see Laxmi’s new AV. He gets sad. She says you told me you will make her AV and this is not the one you made, Laxmi has submitted this. She fills his ears. Karan says this is his new home. She says its beautiful. He says not more than you. Ayesha says Laxmi does not value him, he is just Samosawala, she will be insulted if his name links to her, she does not love you, she does not wish to associate her name with him, she is opportunist.

Karan asks Laxmi to say yes, and this is her room, is it not beautiful. She smiles. He says even if you say no, this room will always be hers. He says he will keep all designer dresses in her wardrobe. Ayesha says Laxmi has used you Samar, its not love, she does not love you. Samar holds his head. Ayesha says she can’t see him like this, don’t go back to her, pack your bags and come back to your house, Laxmi will choose money. Karan says this is your life which is waiting for you, I made this home for you, our dreams are one, its dream girl contest finale, she will need strong support, they can do anything being together, like Ayesha and Manav.

He holds her hand and she takes her hand back. He says he will accept her decision, its time to fulfill her dreams, he will wait for her yes in house warming party. Samar says today Laxmi will answer me, it will be my fate, I will wait. Ayesha says is lovers mad, he is still waiting, fine Samar, I will see how will Laxmi say yes to you, Karan would make Laxmi confused, she will not know whats right and whats wrong.

Laxmi dances recalling Samar and Karan. The ghungroos break and her feet get hurt. She falls. Samar comes and says her ghungroos broke, she did good that she changed her AV, she submitted the other AV, he did not feel good, he did not see Laxmi. She says people like to see dream girl. He says he does not know this, but he understands people find their life in actor. She says life is not always good. He asks will she change herself. She says there has to price paid for every dream. He says will any samosawala be in her dreams, what will people say about dream girl being involved with a samosawala. She asks why is he asking if he knows all this. He gets stunned.

Laxmi says Raj two weak people can’t make a successful life, you are a samosawala, you can’t reach that place…. He says where you are standing today….. She says I gave my everything to this dream, if I forget myself, I can’t forget my family. She asks what wrong did she do, so this dream is her duty. He asks her to answer him, is she happy with this decision.

She says person is nothing without an aim, my aim is everything for me. He asks about love? She says person is nothing with success, situation has to be good, every feeling ends with need, success makes a person better. He asks her did Karan make her AV, she has neglected Raj samosawala’s feelings and held Karan’s hand who can make her successful, tomorrow if Samar holds her hand, will she leave Karan. She says she has to become dream girl.

Laxmi gets ready and does not answer Samar. She leaves for Karan’s house warming party. Karan gets close to her. Ayesha calls Samar and says everything is over Samar, Karan proposed Laxmi and she said yes to him.

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  1. Mashruba
    June 11, 13:19 Reply

    I can’t believe Laxmi yaar.. Samar is like perfect. Can’t believe she’ll choose money over love. Smh

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