Durga Aur Charu 30th January 2023 Written Update

Durga Aur Charu 30th January 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Aur Charu 30th January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Durga says let’s go home. She says to Chatur there and Chumki and Bholi living in our home. Police doubt that they’re English people’s spies. So they sent their spy to our place with their face hidden. It’s him. If police find out their plan failed, and you’re the reason for it, they can arrest you. Chatur says really?> Will they hit me? Durga says yes go back home. See police are coming here. Chatur says okay I got it. They leave. Charu says thank God Chatur is gone. Chatur comes back and says I came here running. Durga and Chatur ask why did you come back? He says there was too much crowd. My driver would come. Hide me for tonight. He says let’s go eat. Durga says you can’t go anywhere. He says get me food, please. Durga says we will. Stay here, hungry guy.

At night, Binoy says my head hurts. Sumona says mine too. Polash recalls Durga was hiding something. He asks Durga. She says don’t say that. Dada ji will get the whole house searched, they might find something in your room. Let me ask him to get the house searched. Sumona asks Charu why doesn’t your head hurt? She says I didn’t eat a lot. Durga says Chatur is hidden behind the wall. Sampurna asks what happened? She says there’s too much salt. Polash says not it isn’t. Polash says who is there? Chatur hides. Durga says no one is there. Polash says it must be Bholi. Sumona says you don’t need to see her. Charu gives Chatur food.

Scene 2
Bholi says to Chumki why didn’t you get my food? Chumki says I thought you are not eating. Bholi says that Chatur also left me hungry. Real Chatur also looks for food at night. Bholi also goes to the kitchen. She says the ghost. She holds Chatur with a sheet. Charu looks for Chatur. Charu says this means it’s Chatur. Bholi says I caught the ghost. He’s here. It’s a real Chatur in sheet. Lights go off. She takes off the sheet. It’s Charu. Charu says you are a ghost. Chatur runs upstairs. Charu says I went there to take food for you. I knew you hadn’t eaten. You have gone crazy. You should be admitted to the hospital. Bholi says have I lost my mind? I saw Makay last night.

Scene 3
The next morning Bholi sees Durga and Charu talking to the real Chatur. Durga says don’t come again. Charu says don’t ever come here again. Bholi sees his back only. They leave. Bholi asks who are you? Chatur like clothes? He says I won’t tell you. Bholi asks who are you? What were you talking to them about? Bholi says should I call the police? He says I am Chatur. Bholi says what? Chatur?

Bholi tells Chumki real Chatur is someone else. Chumki says who did it with you and why. Bholi says Durga planned all this. Chumki says is the part of the plan? Bholi says yes. She was the first one who said he was Chatur. Chumki says she lies even more than you. Bholi says I have to find out who he is. Chumki says is it Charu? Bholi says I killed her already. Durga and Charu pray and thank God. Bholi looks at them and smiles. Charu itches her head. Bholi says I will know who you are. Charu keeps itching herself. Durga asks what happens. Bholi laughs. Durga says what did you do to him?

Episode ends

Precap: Bholi sees Charu and says you are alive. Charu says to Bholi, it’s God’s blessings and will die after killing you. Bholi says I will go and tell the truth to everyone.

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