Durga Aur Charu 31st January 2023 Written Update

Durga Aur Charu 31st January 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Aur Charu 31st January 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Charu itches, and Durga says what did you do? Bholi says I will see his reality today. Durga says let Chatur go. Charu itches till her wig falls. Bholi is shocked. She says, Charu. Durga says Charu are you okay? She throws temple water on Charu. Bholi says what is your fate. You fled from the police and now you are alive. Charu says I will get you punished for your sins. Bholi says who will save you today? Durga says don’t you dare to touch Charu. She stands in front of her. Bholi says I know how to cut your wings too. I will tell everyone she’s Charu. Police will come and take her. Charu says you better go and meet Chumki. Police might take you this time. Bholi says who will be the witness for you? Charu says Makay himself. Bholi is shocked. Charu says you told me he’s alive. Now if he’s alive, why would I go to jail. Your truth would come out. Bholi says what truth? Charu says that you falsely accuse Charu. Durga says you will stay in jail all your life. Charu hugs her and says I will miss you a lot. Bholi says you can’t find Makay. This can’t be true. Charu says you will see. She says Durga calls the police. I will bring dad. Bholi says so that wasn’t a dream. Bholi stops them. She says I won’t tell anyone she’s Charu. Charu says well done. Bholi syas keep flying, I know how to bring people in place.

Chumki says to Bholi what will you do now? Do you have a plan? She says if Makay is here why is he not going to the police? Durga says to Charu bholi will plan something. Charu says she doesn’t know Makay and doesn’t remember anything. Durga says she will find out. Charu says we have to do something. Chumki says what if this Charu is lying? Bholi says she’s not lying. I saw makay but there’s one piece missing. I need to find that out. Chumki says what will you eat in jail? Bholi says shut up. I will also take you to jail. You will be kicked out of this house. Don’t fly too much.

Chumki shoves Bholi and says she’s here for money only. She is a thief. Everyone is shocked. Chumki says she’s here for the money. Charu and Durga are confused. Sumona says I knew she would do something. Chumki says you can ask Durga and Chatur. Bholi says please forgive me, I made a mistake. She cries. Durga and Charu are confused. Polish says she might have made a mistake. Chumki says get out of here. GO from my house. Bholi leaves. Polash wonders what happened suddenly. Sumona comes to him. She says are you sad? Your Bholi has left this house, she hasn’t taken you. No one knows you also helped her steal the gold.

Chumki cries. Charu and Durga ask why did you do this? Chumki says she never considered me family. Durga says don’t cry. That’s how she is. Chumki says she was talking to a man and saying because of you two she lost that gold and that I am her lottery. I realized she was using me. Sumona says to Polash I knew you were with Bholi in that plan. But don’t take me lightly. Now do what I say. Chumki says I know you both consider me a liar. Please forgive me. She cries. Charu says she’s lying for sure.

Episode ends

Precap: Durga and Charu are discussing about Bankhe, Jhumi is hiding and listening to their conversation. Durga and Charu decide to move Bankhe at late night so that Bholi doesn’t hurt him. Durga and Charu leave late night, Bholi and Jhumki follow them.

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