Durga Aur Charu 7th February 2023 Written Update

Durga Aur Charu 7th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Durga Aur Charu 7th February 2023 Written Episode

Scene 1
Chumki says he’s so pretty. Bholi says to look for a rich guy. He was going in a rickshaw.
Anipal comes home. He meets his dad. His sister says dada got the best actor award. Kaka will be so happy. She gives the poster to kaka. He says see maa your grandson made us proud. Clap for him. This big family name is being dragged into the dramas now. He throws the award and burns the poster. He says how dare you bring this award in front of me. He says Mihir is studying abroad and you’re doing this here. Anipal says I am not Mihir. Stop comparing us. I know who I am. You’re a politician but I am talented. He’s about to slap him. His wife stops him and says please don’t do this. What if he leaves the house? His father says he can go, he’s a shame for me. He says baba can never understand me. His stepmom says he’s worried. It’s not his fault too. He asks why is he worried. She says because of that Rajabari land.

Scene 2
Durga meets the people. They tell him how Raj’s family wants to take their Basti’s land from them. Other people tell Charu they will lose their homes if Raj’s family takes their lands. The man says you are Anirudh and Bondita’s daughter. You can fight for us. Charu takes their case. Durga takes the case of the people she’s talking to.

Anirban comes to his dad. He says dad I want to help you get your land back. I know they took that land from you. His stepmom says they are goons. Your dad can’t get it evicted how will you? Anirban says give me a chance. I will end this case forever. Hi, dad says you help me by not trying to help me. Anirban says I can’t see you upset. I will get that land for you.

Durga prepares for her case. Chumki gives her water. She says this is how poor people eat. You are fighting for them so you’ve to be like this. If you lose people will laugh at you. Sampurna says don’t say all that. Make your sister eat yogurt. Durga says I will start my career and restart my relationships as well. She touches Sampurna’s feet. Bholi says you need to think of your elders too. Don’t be friends with bad people. Samrpuna leaves.

Bholi’s man tells her Charu ran away. She says we’ve to stop her from winning the case. I have to stop Durga as well. Durga and Charu collide in the court. Durga says you. God wants us to be friends. Charu says meeting again doesn’t mean we will be friends. People of the village fight over the lawyers. They say we’ve chosen the lawyer. Durga says you should make friends. It can change a life. Charu says friend already changed my life. The people are fighting. Durga and Charu stop them. They say if you fight with each other how will you fight off the enemy? They say we’ve to unite. They all shake hands. Anirban comes there and claps.

Episode ends

Precap: Charu and Durga are in pooja, Anirban joins them. Durga prays that she needs case to win Sampurna back. Charu prays she needs this case to make her identity. Anirban says he needs this case and win it to win his father’s love and defeat Charu and Durga.

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