Ek Deewaana Tha 31st January 2018 Written Update

Ek Deewaana Tha 31st January 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Deewaana Tha 31st January 2018 Written Episode

Sharanya asks Madhvi if she is fine. Madhvi shouts at her to stop acting like tv heroine. Madhvi throws the glass away. Sharanya bends down to pick the broken pieces of glass. Shiv gets upset seeing Madhvi trying to hurt Sharanya again. Sharanya tells him to stop. There is a camera in the room. Vyom is watching / listening to everything. Who is she speaking to? There is no one in the room.

Sharanya notices the camera under the light. Shiv follows her gaze. Sharanya realises the hint Madhvi was giving to her.

Vyom removes the headset in shock and goes out of the room.

Sharanya apologizes to Madhvi. I know you are in pain. You are not in a condition to talk. Really sorry mom. Get well soon. Madhvi smiles at her sadly. Vyom watches it from outside.

Sharanya walks in the

corridor very carefully. Shiv asks her why she lets Madhvi misbehave with her every time. She holds out her hand a little to stop him. She drops a
Madhvi aunty gave me a clue this time. Someone has put a CCTV in her room. Someone is watching her every second but why would someone do it? Shiv replies that culprit lives in fear always. It means Madhvi aunty knows who the killer is. Sharanya too accepts it. Is entire family hiding it or is it just Vyom who is hiding it? Vyom is standing nearby only. What is Vyom hiding? She looks at him in shock. He asks her why she was speaking to herself. He looks around her and peeks behind the walls too. What am I hiding? She replies that you are hiding your pain. So much happened in the house. You are in so much pain, suffering yet you don’t say anything to anyone. Mom is in this condition. You love her so much. I have seen you feeling her pain. Shiv keeps laughing in the background. Sharanya caresses Vyom’s face while talking. You don’t say anything to anyone. Shiv advises her to stop overacting. You are going overboard. Vyom holds Sharanya’s hand. I got the strength to bear anything from you only. You are my medicine and cure. You become my strength in all my problems. I am happy that you have begun to understand me now. He hugs her. Shiv leaves from there sadly. Sharanya does not hold Vyom back but he keeps her hand around him. He hopes she holds him and lets him get lost in her arms. This is my safety net.

Sharanya rubs her hands /bangles angrily. Shiv tells her to stop it. She says these bangles are the symbol of that fake realtion. They make me realise the lie every second! I want to throw them away. Shiv tells her to stop punishing herself. They are liars and cheaters not you! She sits down in front of the mirror. He keeps telling her to stop. He tries holding her hand so as to stop her but fails as she breaks her bangles. He even keeps his hands in front of the dressing table but her hands just pass through it. She thinks of all the moments spent with Vyom. All of Shiv’s pleas go unheard. You are getting hurt. Please stop! She cries. Shiv looks at her bloodied hands in pain. Sharanya sits on the floor. He asks her if she is happy to have hrut herself. It must be paining right? She says it must be less than the pain you felt seeing me in Vyom’s arms. A tear forms around the corner of Shiv’s eye. Sharanya says the relation which is formed from the heart is the biggest strength whereas a forced relation is the biggest pain of someone’s life. This relation with Vyom is worst. Shiv asks her if that pain was less that she added more to it. She says I know my pain hurts you more than the hurt I feel.

Flashback shows Sharanya finding a bouquet and asks a guy about it but he is clueless. Sharanya thinks of her conversation with Vyom. Maybe 6 feet 4 inch realised how to behave with a girl so he sent this. She turns to go but falls. Shiv holds her. She is in pain. Shiv tells her to stop moving but she refuses to stay calm. He ends up shouting at her to stop. Flashback ends. Sharanya says you used to scold me then only and are doing so now too! Shiv says the only difference is that I was alive back then but now I am dead!

Rajan holds Madhvi’s hand. I can be upset with you but I cannot see you like this. fighting with you is more peaceful than seeing you like this. You atleast stand well before me and look m e in the eye. You talk to me atleast. I just cant see you like this. Please get well soon Madhvi. I love you. She cries seeing him in pain. He kisses her on the forehead before going from the room. She fails in understanding if this is his love or a sham. I wonder if you are getting sandwiched between all of us the most! I really don’t understand if this is your love or pretence!

Flashback is shown. Shiv makes Sharanya sit on a chair and removes her bangles to take out the thorns. You are so clumsy. You cannot take care of yourself. She says I cannot but how does it matter to you. Shiv goes. Flashback ends. Sharanya and Shiv keep looking at each other. Another flashback is shown where Shiv is ready to leave. He takes out one of Sharanya’s bangle that he had picked from the ground. He keeps it back safely in his pocket and leaves. Flashback ends.

Shiv looks at Sharanya’s wounded hands. He tries holding them but in vain. He moves his hand over hers thereby making ice marks over the wounds. Sorry. It must have pained. She reminds him that he used to say one must know how to bear pain. I am learning to do that only. Rajan comes in the room and notices Sharanya’s wounded hands. Sharanya and Shiv look at him. Rajan asks her how it happened. She lies that she fell while walking. Rajan shouts for Vyom and asks him to check Sharanya. Everyone comes as well. Sharanya tries telling Vyom she is fine. It is normal. He wants to call doctor but she denies. It is a small wound. He begins to hit his hand on the wall. She tries to stop him when he tells her not to worry. It is a small wound. She asks him why he is hurting himself. He replies that this is what he is trying to explain. I feel pained when you get hurt. Tell me if you are hurt. I will take care. She apologizes to him. Take out the first aid box. He gets busy in tending to her wound. Rajan picks up a piece of bangle. How did it break? Sharanya repeats her lie which does not convince Rajan. How did the pieces fall on the table when you fell on the floor? It does not seem like they broke when by falling. Look at these.

Precap: Freddy shouts murderer. Sharanya asks him who the killer is. Freddy points his finger at someone. Sharanya asks him if he wants to say that Vyom is the killer.st.

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