Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st March 2021 Written Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st March 2021 Written Update by Amena

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 31st March 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shravan and Suman having a romantic moment in the morning. They laugh. She says you say cheesy lines some times, you do a drama. Shravan catches her. Ek duje….plays… They get ready for work. He gets a call. He says our school friends have a reunion party. She asks who all, it means they had a plan and told us now. He says we made distance by our personal reasons. She says yes, they still missed us. He says I said we will come. She says I told Kanchan that I m coming, what will I tell them when did I come, everyone will think something.

Shravan says nothing will happen. Avni comes and asks when did you come. He says she will get award for coming at a wrong time. Avni asks is there any secret. Suman says no, I came in the morning. Avni asks them to come for breakfast. Suman meets everyone. Avni asks her to come for shopping. Suman nods. Devraj says take experts along, take Kavita for shopping. Shravan says I can also help. Avni jokes. Kavita says we used to talk of children’s school and now marriage. Suman says some children never grow up. Shravan steps on her foot. Suman says nothing, maybe it was a mosquito.

Bunty meets Ramesh and Beena. He gets tensed. Beena says sit well. Bunty says thanks. Ramesh asks drinks? What will you have? Bunty says I left drinking. Ramesh says we were asking about tea. Bunty says I will have it. They laugh. Ramesh says sorry, we thought to play a prank. Bunty says its good. Ramesh says you are going to become a part of this family. Bunty says fine, tell me. They laugh.

Beena says pandit gave a mahurat for marriage after one month, we want to keep it simple. Bunty says I also want it. Beena hugs Kanchan. Ramesh says they will understand our concern when they become parents. Bunty says I know your concern and love for Kanchan, I will also love and care for her. Beena goes to get sweets. Kanchan asks can I go out with Bunty. Ramesh and Beena permit them to go. They have sweets.

Shravan says forgive me now, we didn’t know it, you are my friend. He ends call and goes to Suman. He says I m so excited to meet the friends. Suman says everyone is excited to meet childhood friends. They talk of the school. She gets sad talking of her mum and dad. Shravan holds her hands.

Suman says we are getting late. She sees her parents’ pic on the wall. Shravan comes and hugs her. He says I can’t believe that we came back to the same phase, we are life partners. She says we are different, but we united. He says it proves that we are made for each other. They hug. Ek duje…plays…

Shravan asks Bunty where is he going. Bunty says it wasn’t my school, but I have memories. Kanchan says he is my plus one now. Bunty says don’t be late today. They leave. Suman asks is my saree looking good. Shravan says everything suits you, how do I look. Suman says handsome and perfect. They also leave. He asks are you ready to go there, where our story’s first chapter was written. They recall their school journey. He says we will go to revive our old memories. She says yes, to make new memories with you. Ek duje….plays….

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