Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 11th February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 11th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 11th February 2020 Written Episode

Ram ji asks his wife what happened. She smiles emotionally. I don’t know. I could hear so many voices. Everyone was cheering Bheema. It was a dream but it felt more real than reality. He says it is bound to be. Only those who dream with open eyes can fulfil their dreams. Our Bheema is headed in that direction only. Maybe all our dreams can come true. Bheema asks them to have dinner. What are you doing here in dark? Ram ji shakes his head. Bheema holds their hands and takes them inside.

Next morning, Sakpal family compliments Ram ji and Bhimbai in their new dress. Ganga tells Bheema to remove his coat and apply special mask on his face. Anand and Bala take him outside to bathe him. Puranjan watches them from the door. Ram ji leaves to get the letter. Puranjan also complements them. I will also go with you. It is such a big day for my nephew. We will celebrate together. Ram ji smiles.

Narayan comes to meet the ousted lady’s husband. Narayan says Bheema will go on a Bhoj and that will give boost to other people from his community. You lost your respect and so did we as a community. Wont you do anything? The guy says I cannot walk past that threshold and pull my wife out of that house! What can I do? What have you guys done about it till date? Narayan says he is a Subedar. Police wont spare me if I don’t anything. The guy asks for a solution. I must do something within 2 days. Suggest me something. Narayan suggests him to take care of Bheema to hurt Ram ji. Your wife will be compelled to step out of the house when that happens. We can take care of her then. Think how we can do it!

Vaid ji gives medicine to Principal. How is the school going? Principal says it is going good. It feels good when we see kids growing with our own eyes. Villagers make faces seeing Ram ji and Puranjan there. Principal tells them not to insult them. Ram ji’s son has come first in the exam. Vaid ji and villagers say it might be sheer luck. A blind man cannot gain eyesight by winning once. Vaid ji tells them to come in evening if they want something. Ram ji says I wanted to meet Principal Sir. Vaid ji tries to keep Principal busy but he goes to speak to Ram ji and Puranjan.

Principal tells Ram ji he cannot stop these people from saying such things. Ram ji says I am not bothered by them. Ambedkar Guru ji said you can write a letter for us to present in the bhoj. Principal politely declines. Only people from elite class will be there. They will insult you and your kid. Ram ji says Englishmen have called us there. Principal says majority of people there will be from high class only. Did you forget why you were fired from your job? I suggest you not to go there. I will bring the prize for your son. Puranjan and Ram ji reason that everyone is very happy about the bhoj. Principal says the biggest weapon that you have given to your son is studies. He believes it can never lose. He will lose his faith on studies when people will mistreat him. Do you want to break Bheema’s faith on studies just for a Bhoj? Ram ji denies. Puranjan says he is a kid. He might not understand all this. Principal says even I have high hopes from Bheema. I cannot break this hope with my hands. I am sorry but I cannot write this letter for you. You may feel bad right now but this is the best answer for now. Villagers ask Principal if he needs their help in explaining things to Ram ji. Prnicipal says he is smart enough to understand things himself. He tells Ram ji to go home and explain it to Bheema himself.

Bheema’s siblings help him get ready. Bhimbai gets ready as well. Ganga marks a kala teeka behind her ear. She calls Bheema inside.

Meera brings a bullock cart for Bheema, Ram ji and Bhimbai to go to the bhoj. Villagers fume seeing them thus. Meera praises Bhimbai. You look just like a new bride. Where is your groom? Bhimbai gets shy. He has gone to bring our introduction letter. Her family teases her sweetly. She goes inside.

Ram ji is sitting sadly under a tree. He tells Puranjan he has no idea what to say to Bheema. Entire family is so happy. Puranjan tells him to go without the introductory letter. If anyone asks you anything, proudly tell them about Bheema’s victory. Let it be if someone insults you. Englishmen should find out about the discrimination too. They don’t care about it. Ram ji seconds Principal’s logic. Bheema’s willpower might break if someone will insult him there. Puranjan tells him to think of an excuse for Bheema then.

Bheema is eagerly waiting for his Baba. Ganga brings gajra for Bhimbai. All kids tell her to put it. Bheema tells her to put it. They should know you are my mother. She gives in. Ram ji and Puranjan come home. Ram ji’s eyes well up noticing everyone smiling broadly. Bheema asks his Baba why he came so late. We have been waiting for you. Anand gives him his clothes. Bhimbai and Meera notice him quiet. Ram ji heads inside. Villagers look on curiously. They hide behind the bullock cart to eavesdrop.

Bhimbai tells her husband to get ready. He thinks of Principal’s words. We wont go anywhere. Bhimbai asks for reason. Anand asks him if Guru ji refused to give them the introductory letter. Bheema gets sad. Ram ji says he told me to go ahead as Bheema has made everyone proud. Meera asks for reason to say no. Ram ji says it is very far from here. We will spend a lot of time travelling to and fro. Bhimbai looks at him and then at Puranjan. Manjula gives water to her Baba. Ram ji says we can celebrate here on a similar level for 10 days instead of spending so much money for going there. you are wearing new clothes already. Let’s eat a tasty meal made by Bhimbai. Englishmen wont make something like that there. He notices everyone’s sad face. He wears his new jacket as well. Let’s celebrate here. Bheema asks him to show the letter given by Principal Sir. Ram ji says there was no point taking it as we dint have to go there. I told him to go instead and bring your prize. Bheema figures out that he is lying.

Precap: Bhimbai asks her husband how they will make Bheema understand that these societal differences will never let us grow. Meera is comforting Bheema. Bhimbai and Ram ji go to him. Bheema tells his Baba that he always tells him that one can gain anything by studying. I came first after studying yet you say that everyone will still mock me. What’s the point of coming first then?

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