Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 12th February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 12th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 12th February 2020 Written Episode

Ram ji says there was no point taking it as we dint have to go there. I told him to go instead and bring your prize. Bheema figures out that he is lying and tells him that. He walks out sadly.

Bhimbai asks her husband what the truth is. Puranjan says I told you to go but you do only what you think is right. The cart guy asks them if they are coming or not. Puranjan asks him to leave. He notices the villagers standing near Ram ji’s house and gets conscious. They mock Sakpal family. Maybe they realised the truth about their status before going.

Ram ji says community and our stature came in front of us. Guru ji told us not to go there. He was right in one way. I thought I will lie when I will come home but I feel very helpless. I couldn’t even lie properly. Bhimbai asks her husband how they will make Bheema understand that these societal differences will never let us grow. Can we not even celebrate a little? He hugs her.

Ganga comforts Bheema. Please don’t cry. Baba said we will celebrate at home. I feel very bad seeing you thus. Bheema says I want to go. I want to give a speech and be a part of the bhoj. Bhimbai says I understand but there must be a reason behind your Baba saying so. Bheema says why only I should understand. He got us new clothes. Why doesn’t he want us to go now? Ram ji asks him why he wouldn’t want that. I want you to be present in every respectful place and people should cheer you. People should address us as your parents! Bheema asks him why they cannot go there then. I was going to be respected. I was called there as I came first. Ram ji says even I was afraid that people might misbehave with you there. Bheema says what you have been teaching me till now proved out to be wrong. I came first after studying yet you say that everyone will still mock me. What’s the point of coming first then? One who fails certainly cannot go but why cant I go when I have come first? He stands outside sadly.

Mangesh notices him crying and speaks loudly to his friends. Has any of you been to a bhoj before? Do you know what all is served there? His friend speaks of the lavish menu. No one from any community can just walk in there. Meera asks Bheema to come inside. They only know how to mock people. Bheema denies. I also want to see how someone who can never come first can mock those who come first. Ram ji tells his sister not to explain anything to Bheema. Bheema watches the villagers intently.

Ram ji says every situation has a feeling which we must let Bheema experience. He will be unaware of them if we will explain things to him every time and pacify him. He will meet such people at every stage of life. If he will learn to face them now then this will give him strength to face them in future. I think I made a mistake by not taking Bheema to the bhoj.

Narayan asks his son about his coat. Dhruv makes random excuses. Narayan pulls his ear. Tell me honestly. Have you sold it? Dhruv says you have been asking me since yesterday. I don’t know what to tell you! I had outgrown that coat. Narayan beats him. Dhruv tells him he cannot hit him every time. I am your son! Narayan says you have taken after your mother. She used to argue a lot as well. She had made my life hell. Now you have started arguing with me too! Get out of my house if you want to argue with me! Dhruv says this is why you killed her. Now you are also trying to throw me out of your house? Narayan says I don’t listen to useless stuff. Why would I kill her? Dhruv repeats his words. Narayan says she set herself on fire. Dhruv says you were at home that day. Why dint you save her? Narayan ignores him. Don’t speak nonsense to me. He goes inside. Dhruv says I don’t know whether you had set my mother on fire or not but my mother wasn’t useless. He walks out of the shop. Bheema calls out to him. He is holding Dhruv’s coat in his hand. We aren’t going to any bhoj. Dhruv asks the reason. Bheema says Baba said no and I have no idea why. Narayan steps out and notices them talking. Dhruv takes the coat from Bheema. Bheema leaves. Narayan confronts him. You lied to me about your coat! My words may not make sense to you but I will fix it today! He makes Dhruv place the coat on the floor and comes back with a burning log. He burns the coat shocking Dhruv.

Meera tells Bheema not to be sad anymore. Let it be. Ganga says you tell everyone yet you don’t understand it yourself. Bhimbai tells her husband to speak to Bheema. He isn’t speaking to anyone. Bala nods. Entire house remains sad when he is quiet. Anand also requests his Baba to do something. Ram ji says let’s have a grand dinner together. We will celebrate together. Bhimbai agrees. We will do it just like that grand bhoj. She asks Bheema to come. You can also give your speech afterwards. Bheema tells them to go ahead. I don’t want to eat, celebrate or give any speech. Ram ji says we will still do it. Let’s get ready and clean up the place. I will bring Puranjan. Bhimbai nods. Sakpal family gets busy.

It is evening. Bheema is still sitting sadly in a corner. Puranjan says this evening is dedicated to the kid who has topped. We don’t care who else has come first. We are only concerned about Bheema. He will say few words in front of you now. Bheema does not move from his place. Bala and Anand ask him to share his speech with them but he refuses. Anand says it is getting too much now. Please come. Bheema says I don’t like it either but I am helpless. Please leave me alone. Meera whispers something in Bala’s ear. Bala goes on the make shift stage. We will have bhoj if he wont. Imagine that I am Bheema. I will give speech in his place now. Everyone agrees. Bala talks about Bheema’s passion towards studies. He ends his speech saying that he will come first every year like this year. Bheema counters him. My parents have worked harder than me for my studies. He takes out his speech. Bala and Aayi have always taught me that poor people like us have no option but to study to grow in life. I study so I can help myself, my family and our community; to get them their due place in society. He thanks every single family member in the end individually. Puranjan claps. This was the speech of our topper. Keep growing in life. Everyone hugs Bheema.

Precap: Bhimbai tells Bheema to give his trophy to his mother. Someone intentionally speaks in front of Sakpal family that Ram ji and Bheema have been attacked by someone. Sakpal family runs to school. They are relieved to see Ram ji and Bheema safe and relate everything. Ram ji immediately asks about Bheema’s Kaki. She is seen running in the fields with villagers are chasing her closely.

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