Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd May 2023 Written Episode

In this episode The Principal questions Guruji who than gives the principal the letter Bhim Rao received. Guruji asks the principal to let Bhim Rao attempt his examination owing to the importance of this situation. The principal allows Bhim Rao to attempt by sitting at end. Bhim Rao takes his seat on the floor; he attempts his exam like all others. While the teacher distributes exams Vaipal passes a duster to his friend who throws it at Bhim Rao giving him an open wound. The teacher questions, no one admits, and he doesn’t take notice. Bhim Rao has concussions. Vaipal asks Bhim Rao to get him, and his wife treated.

The principal looks at the letter, he considers Bhim Rao a fire who needs to be put out. Guruji assures that nothing of sort will take place. The principal is determined to do so because more issues will arise with Bhim Rao graduating. Guruji questions, it will be an honor for them as teachers. The principal refuses to discuss with Guruji, tells that he was born in this society long after he joined this profession.

Rama aches in pain. Lakshmi tells that she has been given the medicine, it will effect slowly. Guruji sees Bhim Rao attempt his paper while his head bleeds. Bhim Rao cried recalling Rama’s condition and words. Guruji leaves. Everyone submits their paper, so does Bhim Rao.

Guruji brings Bhim Rao medicine, it was the first time he saw a student give his exam while crying not because of the paper but the condition and situation. Bhim Rao should remember it forever; it will be fruitful. Vaipal taunts Bhim Rao, tells that he can write everything in his journal, not to forget that he is worthless. Bhim Rao will surely dedicate this paper to pain, he was bleeding while his wife was crying in pain. Bhim Rao refused to take the medicine until he saw his wife. Vaipal tells Guruji that Bhim Rao only talks big, Guruji asks Vaipal to leave since he doesn’t hold the caliber to understand Bhim Rao. The clerk tells Guruji about him understanding that Bhim Rao’s name will shine, people will remember this college by his name.
Lakshmi and Karuna investigate Rama about the pain, she tells that it started after dinner. Bhim Rao runs to her, Rama asks about his paper, questions about his wound. Bhim Rao says that there are very few people who suffer in pain for his paper. Lakshmi and Karuna leave to consult the doctor. Rama asks him not to worry about her, Bhim Rao questions. Rama says that he will have to stay away to achieve his goals, he wont and will not hold back for the pain and loss. Rama requests him not to think about her pain much. Bhim Rao reminds Rama that she is his strength, he knows nothing more.

At home, Jijabai hopes for something to be wrong with Bhim Rao’s paper, he must have lost some focus. Jijabai hopes for Bhim Rao to fail. Karuna hears her, depicts that she mixed something in Rama’s food. Jijabai asked for evidence, Karun tells that she is not yet clever enough or wouldn’t have counter question. Karuna remembers everyone going out before dinner because Hitesh burnt his clothes, but Jijabai came out late. Karuna is sure that Jijabai did something to Rama’s food. She will not spare Jijabai if caught with evidence in future.

The Episode Ends.

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