Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd September 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd September 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 22nd September 2020 Written Episode

Bhima gets ready for school. He drops a few notebooks, picks them and apologizes mentally. I know I will find a solution to this problem after studying only. I am sad that I couldn’t be of any help to Madhvi Didi. Bhimbai tells him to take care. Ram ji tells Bhima he will drop him to school today. Guru ji has some work. Bhima tells him he will manage. Don’t worry. I wont lie to you and go to Didi’s house. They snatched everything from Didi and I couldn’t do anything. He leaves.

Madhvi’s head has been shaved completely. Tears stream down her cheeks. Pundit ji asks Madhvi’s mother to give her a piece of cloth and a pot. He tells her to take bath from the well behind temple and come back. Madhvi’s mother offers to accompany her but he tells her she has to walk on this path alone now. Give her a stick to take care of animals. Madhvi’s mother complies. She covers Madhvi’s head. Madhvi heads to the well sadly. Dhansukhlal says we must stay away from Ram ji’s son if we want to save ourselves and our families. The outcome of him being friends with our kids is in front of you! Mangesh seconds him. We must tell everyone this or our kids will meet the same fate like Madhvi. Everyone nods in agreement.

Madhvi keeps thinking of the recent incidents as she walks in the fields. Bhima is coming from the other end. He is stunned to see her shaved head when wind blows away her saree. He runs back calling his Aayi’s name but then stops in his tracks. Madhvi walks past him without even looking in his direction. Ram ji comes there. He has noticed what happened. Bhima passes out on the ground. Ram ji lifts him and takes him near a stream. He wakes him up. What happened to you? Bhima mumbles. Ram ji suggests going home. You need to take rest. Bhima takes Madhvi’s name. Ram ji tells him not to be afraid of her. This is the disgusting face of this society. Study hard if you want to change it. Reach a stage where you can make a decision and everyone has to comply with it. Come home now. Bhima denies. I will go to school to study to do what you just told me. Ram ji hugs him. Bhima heads to his school. Ram ji knows that Bhima has been affected badly by what he just saw. It is important that this incident ends up being an inspiration for him to grow.

Bhima notices Madhvi in his path again. He stops to look at her. Ram ji holds his hand and continues walking towards the school. Madhvi looks up. Bhima imagines her in every step of his way and looks shaken. Ram ji tells him not to look back. You must keep going forward to support someone. Like I told you before, it isn’t just about a Bhima and a Madhvi. It is about the society and its limited outlook. Study such incident hard if you want to change them. Study till the time you become capable of changing them. Bhima agrees.

Madhvi is near the well. A lady tells her to stand in a corner. You can take water after me. Madhvi requests them to give her a pot of water. I will take bath and go back home. I am used to eating early in the morning but Aayi says that I must eat after doing puja only. Another lady mocks her for killing her husband on the first day itself. Kulkarni questions them on their outlook. The ladies aren’t bothered. Kulkarni says you wont stop till the time you go through this on your own. He leaves. Madhvi explains the entire situation. They point out that she is inauspicious as she survived from that incident. Madhvi says you used to call me auspicious whenever I used to come to your house before. Why are you saying this to me now? The lady tells her not to come to her house ever again. You are a widow now. Madhvi stands in a corner.

Dhruv has opened his shop again. He announces loudly about it. Mangesh tells him to shout as much as he wants to but no one will come to his shop. Dhruv tells him to focus on his shop. I will make sure I close down your shop one day and start my shop right there. Mangesh threatens to burn his shop. Dhruv says you can continue bullying me. I wont get angry now as Bhima has taught me how to channel my emotions. A man comes looking for Bala. My son’s mundane is due and I want to invite him to play music. Dhruv runs off to call Bala. Mangesh and his friends tell that guy the same trash. Dhruv comes there with Bala. The guy says I came at the wrong place. I will look somewhere else. Dhruv asks him what happened. Mangesh says he realised the truth hence, he is leaving. Other guys also tell that villager not to go to that particular group where Bala learns music.

Mangesh and his friends decide to do the same thing to every potential customer in the future. It is time to teach you guys a lesson. Dhansukhlal joins them. Dhruv calls him Seth ji. Bala and Dhruv go back to their work.

Pundit ji tells Madhvi’s parents to follow the rules strictly. They nod. Madhvi comes back. She tells her mother she is hungry and is going inside but Pundit ji tells her she has to stay in one corner of the house. She must cook herself just one meal a day. It should be boiled food only. She must learn how to live her life in a simple way. He leaves. Madhvi questions her mother but her father tells her to do as told. Madhvi complies. Her father goes to bring brick and wood. Madhvi requests her mother for food again. She agrees to cook today. You must do it on your own from tomorrow. She goes inside. Madhvi looks on sadly.

Bhima keeps thinking about Madhvi.

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