Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 23rd May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

In this episode Vaijnath worries about his failure to stop Bhim Rao from sitting in exams, he fears about Bhim Rao’s victory. Shishupal suggests getting Bhim Rao kidnapped for a few hours. Vaipal tells that Bhim Rao cannot be kidnapped, it was easier with Joku but not Bhim Rao. Vaijanth asks them to get help from Jijabai. Vaipal can send messages to her. They decide to have Bhim Rao kidnapped.

Bhim Rao is studying while Rama lies next to her, Rama wants to go get dinner. Bhim Rao asks her to rest, he will get them dinner. Karuna comes asking them for dinner, Rama gets up. Bhim Rao orders her to sit. They both complain to Karuna, she cries witnessing the love of family. She tells Bhim Rao that a wife cannot sleep before feeding her husband well. They all leave for dinner.

Janardan takes Jijabai to Shishupal. He tells her to signal them once everyone sleeps so they can kidnap Bhim Rao. Jijabai will signal them while dong her chores.
Phuliya serves Joku dinner, he asks why things can’t be like before. Phuliya tells that everything is like before, he misbehaved with her in morning, but she still served him dinner. Things cannot go back; she endured a lot of struggles to start her business. Joku asks her to accept. Phuliya is not afraid of his anger, asks him to eat his dinner. Joku refuses, Phuliya leaves saying that if he doesn’t eat now, she won’t cook from tomorrow. Joku starts eating. Phuliya sees him, it will be hard for him this time but will make him realize that husband and wife are equals.

At night, while everyone sleeps Jijabai goes out to signal Shishupal. Vaipal and Shishupal enter the house. Jijabai feels relief to know that no one will suffer more than Bhim Rao for not taking his exam. Shishupal and Vaipal come out questioning Jijabai since Bhim Rao is not in the house. Jijabai wonders, he was sleeping. Jijabai sees Karuna and Rama standing at the door, Karuna has already warned her not to get caught with evidence. Rama challenges Vaipal and Shishupal to find Bhim Rao before the exam, if they succeed, she will not let him sit in the exam. Vaipal and Shishupal taunts Rama. Jijabai questions Rama for running her husband’s lifelong struggle. Rama leaves as time will tell. Jijabai decides to stay stubborn like Bhim Rao. Karuna threatens to tell Ramji everything, he will not accept Jijabai for ruining Bhim Rao’s education, he can leave Jijabai for the house. Karuna leaves to inform Ramji. Jijabai fears Ramji taking a bold step. She has to stop her at all costs.

Jijabai enters the house, Karuna didn’t tell him anything. She wanted to see if Jijabai feared losing Ramji, so she asked Jijabai to respect those feelings and not do anything that can cost Bhim Rao his education. Karuna leaves.

Vaijanth orders his son to send all men to find Bhim Rao. They should find Bhim Rao and tie him to the front gate of the college and make Rama say that Bhim Rao cannot study any more. Vaipal has passed the message. Shishupal will prepare for the celebration of not letting Bhim Rao attempt his exam. Vaijnath will tell the upper caste that they chose the right representative for them.

Rama asks Karuna to sleep, no one can find Bhim Rao.

Next morning, Ramji questions Rama and Karuna for not informing them about the kidnapping. Lakshmi questions her for giving them a challenge. Rama didn’t want to tell anyone, what if he got kidnapped on his way to college. Bala and Anand questions, he can be kidnapped now as well. They want to take him to college in their protection. Rama and Anand took everyone to Bhim Rao. Jijabai wonders what they have done.

Vaijnath questions his son for being unable to find Bhim Rao. Janardan informs that he isn’t in the chawl as well, but Rama and family went to take Bhim Rao to college. Vaijnath asks Vaipal to follow Rama. Shishupal suggests using smoke to make everyone unconscious. Vaipal questions, they would faint as well. Shishupal will have his face covered. Vaijnath approves, sends his son.

The Episode Ends.

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