Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 25th May 2023 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 25th May 2023 Written Update by Sona

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 25th May 2023 Written Episode

In this episode, Rama convinces the officer to give Bhim Rao permission to stay in college. She said that the man’s signature will give people hope to study and succeed. The officer has never given such orders before. Rama told that Bhim Rao is the first of her caste to sit in exam. He asks Rama to give a written statement that he will pass the examination.
Bhim Rao completes the paper, submits, and leaves.

Rama assures that he will succeed. The office questions Rama’s confidence. Rama says that he will pass because he has no other choice, cannot fail or his scholarship will end. Rama asks the officer to be carefree, he will pass. The officer asks Rama to tell him the numbers Bhim Rao passed with. The officer signs.

Lakshmi worries, Karuna knows that Rama will not fail. Rama comes out with the signed letter in her hand. She shows it to everyone.

Bhim Rao comes out, wonders where everyone went. The principal questions Bhim Rao for standing here, asks if he plans to hide in his cabin again. Bhim Rao asks if the principal wants Bhim Rao not to give exams or fails. The principal’s will can change anything, the people will not accept Bhim Rao and his caste to succeed. Vaipal plans follow Bhim Rao with his friends and kidnap him.

Rama and everyone else rush back to college to protect Bhim Rao. Anand assures because their effort would go to waste otherwise.
Bhim Rao tells Principal that it’s disappointing for him to see that Principal supports his enemy despite being a teacher. Principal calls him for misbehaving. Bhim Rao says that he is right. Vaipal asks principal not to worry, they will kidnap Bhim Rao from outside. Vaipal follows Bhim Rao. Principal watches over with satisfaction. Rama stops Bhim Rao, informs that he will stay in college till the end of exams. Principal questions, the college in not an orphanage. Rama shows him the letter. Ramji tells Principal that he will be responsible for any mishap with Bhim Rao inside the college premises. Guruji sends Vaipal and his friends, Bhim Rao is safe here. He agrees with Rama’s method, it’s the only way to protect Bhim Rao. Vaipal leaves with his friends. Guruji tells that it’s the first-time that a student has been permitted to live inside college, these unusual circumstances will make Bhim Rao shine. Guruji sends Bhim Rao to befriend everyone corner of this college who are proof of his knowledge and education. Bhim Rao has few days left here, he can talk and complain about every moment, ask them to believe that he will study abroad one day. This is a historical moment since no one from his caste has ever reached this far. Bhim Rao looks at the college walls and recalls his moments through the years, all hood and bad. Bhim Rao goes inside. Rama and the family leave.

Bhim Rao walks through each corridor remembers the moments he spent here.

Everyone comes to Rama questioning why she is in tears. Karuna tells that Bhim Rao has protection, he can give exams easily. Rama knows, it’s about his dream to study abroad. Bala questions, it’s something to be proud of. Rama is proud, but he will not be here with her, she cannot cry in front of him.
Bhim Rao comes to hi class, he promises to continue his studies once he leaves.

The Episdoe Ends.

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