Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 3rd February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 3rd February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 3rd February 2020 Written Episode

It is morning. The lady is still holding the blanket and is sleeping. Mangesh and few other villagers notice her thus. Who gave it to her? Mangesh shouts loudly. They tell her to answer them. We will oust that person from our society as well. No one would dare do it again! She recalls her convo with Bheema last night. People keep asking her but she stays quiet. Bheema, Bala and Anand look on from a distance. The lady notices Bheema in the crowd. Mangesh throws water at her startling her. She cries badly. Bala and Anand hold Bheema from going there and take him with them.

Manjula is cleaning while Ganga is making Tulsa’s braid. Bhimbai counts the blankets but one is missing. Ganga shares that Bheema gave his blanket to that woman at night. Everyone is taken aback. Ganga shares what she saw last night. Bhimbai is miffed that he isn’t ready to understand. Ram ji says let him understand some things on his own. You don’t need to guide him or stop him at every choice. The girls go outside. Meera says the time is such that women must bear something or other. Send Ganga to her home somehow. I don’t want her to spend her life like me. Ram ji assures her it wont happen. Don’t worry. Puranjan comes to call them. Bhimbai recalls her husband telling her about the colour (paint) last night. She asks him what their job is. Ram ji intentionally asks Meera something to divert Bhimbai’s attention. Puranjan covers up for Ram ji. Ram ji hurries off with Puranjan before his wife can ask any more questions.

Guru ji (Ambedkar ji) says it says Ganga is ill and her condition is worsening. Come home, Jija ji. Bheema nods. This is to invite him here asap so he and Jija can talk. Ambedkar ji tells him to post the letter asap. Anand offers to accompany Bheema but Bheema tells him he will be back soon. Dhruv recalls his father’s suggestion and follows Bheema at a distance. He loses track of Bheema mid way so he decides to wait for his return.

Another Guru ji asks Ambedkar ji how he has become Bheema’s family Guru. Ambedkar ji denies. I am trying to help him get rid of his burden and study freely. Guru ji asks him if he made a pact with Ram ji. Such people can do anything for their own benefit. Ambedkar ji asks him if he isn’t ashamed to say this. I dint know you thought so low of a Guru-disciple relation. Guru ji blames Bheema’s caste. Ambedkar ji asks him if he does not realise how lost his outlook is. That defines you. Guru ji gets offended. I wont keep quiet over this. He gathers all the kids and asks them if Ambedkar ji does not favour Bheema too much. They agree with him. Guru ji asks Ambedkar ji what relation he shares with Bheema. Ambedkar ji rebukes him but Guru ji keeps repeating his question. Why do you ignore these good kids and favour Bheema? Substitute Principal comes there. All the kids rush to their classes. Guru ji questions Ambedkar ji again. Principal calls it indiscipline. Meet me in my office.

Villager (the same old guy who sits at Mangesh’s tea shop) stops Bheema from putting his letter in the normal post box. Our letters will be impure if you will put it here. Bheema requests him to allow him but the old man ignores his request. He picks a stone. I will wait here till the time you wont let me put it. Once you leave, I will break it open and then put mine. If mine wont go then no one else’s letter will go. Someone suggests making Bheema’s letter pure so it can be added. The old guy agrees. He does not puja of the letter after which he adds it in the letter box. Bheema runs back content.

Dhruv follows Bheema as soon as he returns. He pushes Bheema off the mountain. Bheema screams in pain as he falls. He is badly wounded. Some villagers rush to help him but they back off noticing Bheema. They are worried about their fields instead of Bheema. The owner tells Bheema to head home on his own. Couldn’t you find a better place to die? They go to

Puranjan is mixing colours. Ram ji is distracted as Puranjan keeps talking. Ram ji heads home saying he is feeling restless. Shopkeeper tries to stop him but in vain. A villager calls out to Ram ji. Meera asks him what happened. He tells them about Bheema. He is badly hurt. Bhimbai asks him questions but he tells them to hurry up.

Principal reprimands the teachers for discriminating between kids. Maintain decorum in the school. Ambedkar ji tells him to remind other Guru ji of it but their argument continues. Principal asks Ambedkar ji why he does things because of which people will point fingers at him. Ambedkar ji tells him to tell this to the other teacher instead. He tried to demean a teacher in front of kids. Principal suspends them from school for a week. Anand tells Ambedkar ji about Bheema. All of them run to help Bheema.

Precap: Sakpal family takes a wounded Bheema home. Ambedkar ji tells Vaid ji to check him but Vaid ji says he has fallen from a height. There might be internal injuries. Ambedkar ji looks on helplessly from far as Bheema’s family brings him home. At night, Bheema tries to write with a wounded hand. Ram ji tells him with a heavy heart that he wont be able to give exam tomorrow.

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