Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 5th February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 5th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 5th February 2020 Written Episode

Bhimbai asks Ganga where she was. Ganga tells her that Bheema asked her to give another blanket to the woman sitting outside. Villagers threw water on her blanket in the morning. Bhimbai says this boy is in pain but he wont stop caring about others. That lady calls her blessed. You are lucky to have a son like him. I also have 3 sons. They are grown-ups but none of them are interested in checking up on their mother. They don’t feel pain for their mother but Bheema cares for everyone. Bhimbai requests her to leave. Don’t know what villagers will do if they will see you here. The lady says they have done enough already. There is nothing left to do now. Can I see Bheema once? Ram ji says you can meet Bheema if you don’t mind coming to our house. Bhimbai looks at him in shock. She takes a step forward. All recent incidents flash in her mind. Ram ji says this hasn’t happened in years. People from our community maintained their distance from our homes but you crossed the line today. She says it isn’t your fault but of those who draw lines and create a divide amongst people. Ganga takes her inside.

Meera tells Bheema to rest. Your wound wont heal otherwise. The lady sits next to Bheema surprising everyone. Bheema says what if someone sees you. She says let it be. I came to check on you. He shouts in pain. She asks him who did this. Bheema looks down. I couldn’t see. Someone came from behind and pushed me. She curses that person. Ganga peeks outside. Bheema asks her why she is touching him. You don’t touch people from our community. She smiles. Even I used to think the same earlier. I used to think that people from your community aren’t human and we must not touch them but now I understand that a good person is someone who has compassion and mercy. You have both. You are way better than everyone else! You will grow in life. God bless you. Take care and rest now. Bheema tells her to take care as well. It is cold outside. She leaves. Bhimbai gets emotional. Someone from another community came to our house for the first time. I don’t know why I feel so happy today. Ram ji says someone crossed the line after ages only to meet our son. It is indeed a happy moment. Remember how you told him once about the different categories in the society. Someone crossed the line to meet him today! She nods. Mahatma Phule ji used to say that someone from our community will grow above the differences and will bring about the much needed change for us. What if it is Bheema? He says we will be really blessed if it comes true. They look at Bheema emotionally. Ram ji hugs her.

Next morning, all kids mock Bheema. How will you top the exams now? He might have hurt himself thinking he wont win! He falls whenever there is some competition. They continue taunting him. Mangesh and his friends watch it from far. Mangesh supports the kids. They can only talk big. Studies are in blood. Another villager nods. One brother plays musical instrument. What else will the brother do? Ambedkar ji says I thought you are different from others after seeing your note but I was wrong. He tears Bheema’s note and throws the pieces in air. Bheema wakes up with a start. He wakes up his Baba. He speaks loudly in concern. Everyone wakes up. Bheema says there must be a way how I can take part in tomorrow’s exam. I don’t want to lose especially not in studies. Bhimbai tells him to sleep. It is paining, right? Ram ji asks him to stand up. Bhimbai says it wont be possible but Ram ji insists. Bheema falls down as soon as he tries to stand. Ram ji does not let Bhimbai hold him. He asks Bheema to stand again. Everyone encourages Bheema to stand. Bheema stands up with difficulty. Everyone claps for him. Ram ji lifts him in his arms and makes him sit on a stool. I have only one solution to explain to him. He asks Bheema if it is paining. Bheema nods. Ram ji says we feel pain. We must meditate to distract our mind from pain. You must have heard the story of Chakor and Chaand. Bheema nods. Ram ji relates a similar example to him. It is easy to learn bhajans than to remember what we study. Bheema shoots him a confused look. Ram ji says you often get lost in studies at times without realising when someone walks in or leaves. No medicine can cure you till morning but I can drop you to school if you can distract your mind from this pain. Walk up to your mother on your own without taking any support. He steps aside. Bheema gets up. He experiences pain while walking but ignores it. He falls down. Everyone tries to help him but he tells them to wait. I will get up on my own. He stands again. Everyone extends their hand in support (without really touching him) in concern but Bheema does not hold anyone’s hand. He hugs his mother. Bhimbai smiles.

Principal has called a teacher back from his holidays. Unfortunately, Ambedkar ji has been suspended for a week. There is a special competition here. Guru ji asks him the reason as to why Ambedkar ji has been suspended. Principal tells him. Guru ji finds it surprising that a teacher has been suspended for a kid for the first time. Principal hands him exam papers.

Kids mock Bheema in his absence when Guru ji walks in. Who got hurt? Kids tell him about Bheema. Guru ji recalls his convo with Principal a while ago. What’s so special about him? Is he that brilliant? Kids deny. He just knows how to butter teachers. He got hurt a little and is not here today! Kids laugh. One kid turns and is shocked to see Ram ji carrying Bheema in his arms. Ram ji walks in with Bheema in his arms and Bala and Anand on his either side. Dhruv gets upset. Guru ji asks kids if it is Bheema. He answers it himself. It can only be him!

Precap: The classroom is empty. Bheema stops Dhruv when he is leaving. I saw you pushing me. You are neither my friend nor enemy. There should be a reason to study together. Anand overhears them and glares at Dhruv. Mangesh and other villagers surround the lady. She runs inside Ram ji’s house and touches the family members. Now I am no more a part of your community. I have touched them now. Mangesh throws a stone at her. Blood starts oozing from her head. Sakpal family rushes to her side. Later, Bheema asks his Baba why villagers can’t leave Kaki alone when she has been ousted from the society already. The lady is standing next to Ram ji near the fence when villagers reach there. They are holding knives behind their backs.

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