Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 7th February 2020 Written Update

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 7th February 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Mahanayak – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar 7th February 2020 Written Episode

Bhimbai tends to the ousted lady’s wound. She gets up to go but Bheema says villagers will still be there. What if they try to hurt you again? She says let them be. At max, they will kill me. Bhimbai tells her to stay with them. Ram ji denies. Her community members will never accept her if she stays here. The lady isn’ bothered. I am never going to stay with them again. Ram ji asks her to stay with them then. We will try to take care of things as much as we can. Everyone smiles.

Bala runs back home shouting Bheema’s name. Sakpal family gets curious. Bala tells Bheema he dint pass the exam. Mangesh and his friends mock Bheema. I was right. He can only talk big. They laugh. Bala says Bheema came first. Sakpal family is overjoyed. They congratulate him with a hug. Ram ji wipes his happy tears. He congratulates his son for successfully shifting his focus from pain. Kaki also compliments Bheema. Bala plays his instrument happily. His family members look on. He halts for a second seeing his Baba’s straight face but Ram ji surprises him by saying it isn’t wrong to play this. It is a happy day. Let’s play together. Anand joins in as Bala and Ram ji plays one instrument each. Ram ji smiles at Bhimbai. Everyone smiles broadly.

Ambedkar ji congratulates Bheema. Bheema and Ram ji thank him. Ambedkar ji says what Bheema has done is amazing. It has never happened in my life before that a student came to give exam in a wounded state and actually came first. I will always remember this. Bheema asks him if his parents will be felicitated now. Can we go to the English lunch? Guru ji nods. You have proved your merit. He tells Ram ji to get a letter from Principal which should mention you and Bhimbai as Bheema’s parents. Ram ji nods. Bheema says they are indeed my parents. What is the need to write it down? Ram ji speaks of proof. Ambedkar ji tells him write something as well. You might be asked to say a few words. Bheema asks him why he dint come to school yesterday. Guru ji does not tell the real reason to him. Entire family is eager to go. Everyone gently teases each other. Ram ji leaves for work. Everyone pulls Bheema’s cheeks sweetly. Bhimbai and Ram ji exchange a proud smile.

Shopkeeper asks Puranjan if Ram ji will skip work today as well. Puranjan begins to repeat his story when Ram ji enters holding sweets in his hands. Shopkeeper praises him for managing everything. Ram ji says my wife does everything. Puranjan keeps weaving same stories. Shopkeeper asks Ram ji the reason for bringing sweets. Ram ji shares that his son has come first in school. Puranjan praises his fatherly skills again. Shopkeeper asks Ram ji how to raise the kids well. Ram ji says it is very easy. Parents have to live with the kids. They have to save them from swaying from their paths and we must also give them space so they feel free. They should be able to find themselves in that space. We must sow dreams in their minds and then cultivate them every day. We should stand by them in their happy and sad times. We should feel their pain. Your kids will also feel your expectations then. That’s all that I do. Shopkeeper praises him. Not everyone does what you do. Let’s work now.

Kaki praises Bheema for coming first in the exam. Her husband says even you are no less. Why are you doing this? She asks him what she is doing. He says you are living in the house of those who are inauspicious for us. Get out of here. I will make arrangements for you to go to your parents home. Everyone is looking at us disrespectfully because of your actions. This society wont spare us if you will continue to stay here. Villagers are standing at a distance holding knives behind their backs. Mangesh remarks that they wont spare this lady as soon as she will step out of the house. We will manage the lawsuit. Villagers call it dangerous for their community. It will spoil others as well. Let’s kill her!

The lady’s husband questions her morales. People will give you worst names if you will continue to stay here. You wont even get a place in hell this way. Listen to me or you wont be able to take birth as a human in your next life. Villagers are angry seeing her rooted to her place. They reprimand her for not paying heed to her husband. She has no respect either for dharma or for society. Neither of us can go there! We feel so stuck. The lady’s husband tries to make her understand his point yet again. Narayan is also present there.

Puranjan and Ram ji are done for the day. Ram ji says I needed some money as loan. We have been invited for a feast. I need some good clothes for all 3 of us. Puranjan says I don’t have money as of now. You know what situation we both are in. Ram ji says I know that. I don’t know who should I ask. Puranjan takes their shop owner’s name. You can return it to him once we receive our wages. He is actually standing behind them and overhearing their convo. Why wont I? He immediately gives him money. Your son is my son. Go to the feast and later tell me how to raise my kids well. Ram ji thanks him. He goes with Puranjan.

Bheema tells Kaki even they want her to go to her home safely. Take this step towards him only if you trust your husband. I don’t trust him though. Her husband tells Bheema to let her come to him. His wife asks him how he has turned into her well wisher suddenly when yesterday he dint even care if she lives or dies. You ousted me from your house. You let everyone call me characterless. You dint do anything when I was left alone outside in cold. I got a blanket from someone but villagers threw water on me. You dint do anything. You came to make me understand when our community members have threatened you. You did this so your could live peacefully. You are reminding me of my patni dharma but in a very wrong way. This is my parents house in a way as I got shelter here. Step inside this house, marry me again just like you did in the past and then you can take me rightfully with you. He gets tensed. She says back then I never thought you will leave my side. I wont think that again. He refuses to become impure by stepping inside this house. She says it is also a dharma that a girl cannot leave her parents’ house without marrying. He says you have started lecturing by staying with them. You couldn’t utter a word back when you used to stay with me. You are teaching me dharma? Bheema tells him to think whatever he wants to. Either accept her condition or leave.

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