Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 9th October 2015 Written Update

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Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 9th October 2015 Written Update by Amena

Ek Nayee Ummeed – Roshni 9th October 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajat telling Roshni about Sameer’s board meeting. They talk about difference in best and biggest and laugh. She says I wish no one’s bad sight affects Leela. Pintu Ghosh comes there and asks for Malhotra. Rohan talks to Shaheen and says we have Lord with us. She misses her parents. Shaheen’s parents come to see her and go to the private ward. Pintu and Malhotra go to Mona’s cabin for the meeting. Malhotra introduces Pintu Ghosh. She asks what business can he develop. Pintu tells her business works by money, reputation and network. He gets calls and says he is in meeting.

He says I have get profits for you, I can transfer patients from any city. She talks about OPD per day and he says he can get it doubled. She asks is he joking. Pintu asks what will I get, and tells his terms about 20% commission. She agrees to hire him. Shaheen’s parents come to the ward and cry seeing her. Rohan asks them to sit and leaves. Shaheen turns her face and cries. Her mum apologizes to her. Shaheen asks her mum not to cry.She says she is out of danger now. Her dad meets Rohan and offers help. Rohan says I m glad you guys came, Shaheen was missing you. Her dad thanks Rohan.

Mona talks to everyone in board meeting and says we are curious to know Sameer’s agenda. Sameer gives a rocking speech without any colorful presentation. He tells his fundamentals and asks them to focus. He says we have to focus in one direction and make efforts for patient care. He says patient keeps his life in our hands with fees, and what do we give him, we should give him care.

He says I decided a doctor’s team will care for patients. Mona asks care to what limit. Sameer says I did not mean we will agree to their demands. Mona says hospital has some rules, we should not forget patient is our customer, we are service provider and hospital is industry. Sameer says this is our mistake, for me human life comes first and then comes business, patients should know we care for their lives, not money.

He says Roshni will lead the team who will take care of patients, and keep a diagnostic team, Roshni and I will decide which doctor to be appointed for the surgery, we know one wrong diagnostic can bring Leela at stake, we should control hand hygiene. He says we will have 4 things to focus on, best diagnostics, patient care, best doctors and best hygiene, then no one can stop us from becoming best, we need more quality machines too, I hope its clear to Mona.

Rajat asks Mona why is she upset. Mona says running hospital is like business, Sameer did not talk about profits. Mona tells him that she did not expect this from Sameer and he was talking like Roshni. Rajat pacifies her and says he agrees with Sameer. He asks her to trust Roshni and his decision. He tells her that Vasundara wants to meet her. Roshni gets coffee for Sameer and thanks him. She misses Kishore. She gets Nick’s call and says he has a good news. She says I have a good news too and tells him that everything got fine, we got Leela nursing home back, Rajat and mum’s fight ended, I got license and got surgeon job in Leela, Rajat presented me a cabin. Nick says I m really happy for you. Sameer looks on and smiles. She says Nick, you… and leaves talking.. Sameer gets alert.

Sameer asks Roshni about the call. Vasundara gives shagun to Mona. Nick and Roshni have a talk on phone.

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