Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th February 2014 Written Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th February 2014 Written Update by Pooja

Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th February 2014 Written Episode

Sakshi tells Karan that if my staying here is a disturbance for you then I will leave from this room and even this house. She calls her mom. Sakshi asks her if she doesn’t feel like talking or meeting her. Padma is worried for her but Sakshi assures her that she is missing her. I am coming to meet you tomorrow which makes Padma happy. The call ends. Sakshi asks Karan if he is happy now. Now you enjoy staying in his room his way. I am going away from you, your room and your life. Sakshi walks out from that room. Sharda was coming to their room and gets worried seeing Sakshi coming out upset. Sakshi seeks her permission to go to her mom’s place. Sharda asks her if Karan said anything to her but she denies. I am missing my mom too much. She cries saying I want to go home. Sharda guesses it right that something happened in Siddhi Vinayak. Sakshi is amazed that she can get to know anything and everything. They share an emotional hug. Karan has come out of the room and looks at them. Sharda allows Sakshi to go for a few days you too will feel good. Sharda leaves followed by Sakshi.

Next morning, Karan is muttering to himself. Let her go if she wants to why I am feeling guilty. I know I spoke a little too much but I cannot understand what to do now.

Sakshi comes downstairs and is holding a bag. Bhagwati makes her MIL notice this. Sakshi calls out for Sharda who comes out. Baa asks her about where Sakshi is going. Sharda tells her that she is going to her parent’s house for a few days. She hasn’t gone there since she got married. This way the ritual of pagphera will complete as well. Fui understands this point and allows Sakshi to go. Why do you look so sad now that you are going to your home? Bhagwati remarks that MIL-DIL share a relation / love like mother daughter. She goes quiet as soon as her MIL stares at her. sakshi seeks her blessings. Fui tells her that it is good that you are going to your home but this is your house now. You have to come back here only. Karan is witnessing all this from upstairs. Fui leaves with Bhagwati.

Sakshi hugs Dadi and tells her to take care of herself. She turns and notices Karan standing behind Sharda. Diya comes and they both hug each other. Diya will miss her and so will Sakshi. Latika makes uninterested faces. Karan tells his mom to stop Sakshi if she wants to. Sharda denies. sakshi wants to go so I should not stop her. Karan tries again saying her workload will increase but Sharda says she will manage. He uses her studies as another excuse but Sharda assures him she will take care of it. Why are you so worried about it? You don’t want her to go? he acts as if he doesn’t care about it. Anyways break is very important in life. Sakshi hears this and feels bad. He picks up Sakshi’s bag and goes outside. Diya goes to Dadi while Sharda goes to see off Sakshi. They both ask each other to take care of themselves. Both get emotional. Sakshi tells her to concentrate on her studies. Call me if you have any problem. Bhagwati sees them sharing a hug and is amazed. What kind of DIL-MIL are they? It looks like she is going to her in-laws house instead of going to her parent’s house. Sharda explains to Sakshi that if there is fog in the journey then a person can take a wrong turn too so before taking a turn one must wait for the way to be clear. Similarly, in life one must come upon a decision when there is no anger or ego / arrogance inside them. sakshi nods. She goes outside. Karan has kept her luggage in the car. She wipes her tears on seeing him. they both look at each other. They both want Sakshi to stay back – he wanting this while she wants him to stop her from going. But they don’t say it out loud. The driver sits in the car. Sakshi is about to sit when Karan asks her random questions about mom and Diya’s stuff. In the end, he asks her to take care of her bag. She nods and sits inside. They both look at each other through the glass helplessly. The car leaves finally.

Pratik comes to Modi House. Diya is reciting poems to Dadi. She gets happy to see her dad. He was a little busy. Your mom said she will come. Is she not here? Latika again had an urgent meeting and had to go. sakshi mami is not at home too. I wouldn’t be bored if she was here. Dadi gives him Diya’s medicines which Sakshi gave to her before leaving. Latika enters just when Pratik is appreciating Sakshi. She takes very good care of Diya. She isn’t her mom but she isn’t less than that too. Latika doesn’t like it. I am her only mom. My mom has been taking care of Diya since so many years too but you have never appreciated her like this. Pratik points out that Sakshi is in fact helping them. you are neither appreciating her for the same nor even able to listen to someone else doing the same. Diya is your responsibility, not mom’s or Sakshi’s. Suresh comes and calls out for him. see to it before that the kid is around you people. You can talk about this later too. He wants to say something to him. pratik leaves with him.

Karan is driving while Sakshi is in her car. They both are sad / tearful as they recall the bitter-sweet-romantic moments, their fights that they have had together. Chalte chalte plays in the background.

Karan is at Rohan’s house. He keeps pacing in the room as he looks at his phone. He recalls his harsh words to Sakshi outside the temple and how she agreed to go out of his life. His friends are worried for him. karan puts it on office issues. Rohan asks Karan to understand and accept that he is missing bhabhi. You have hurt her plus because of your stupidity you are acting like some person in lost. Why don’t you accept it? It is your responsibility to make up for it. Karan leaves in a huff. They try to stop him but in vain.

Suresh has wanted to talk to Pratik since some time. I know its your personal matter but being Latika’s dad he has this much right. I know you are concerned for Diya I can understand it being a father myself but you have to understand that Latika has some dreams and aspirations. You shouldn’t come between them. diya is unwell it is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone loves her so much. What’s your problem with it then! It isn’t that Latika isn’t a good mom or doesn’t take care of Diya. It is true that she is serious about her work which is good. Pratik talks of her responsibilities which makes Suresh angry. They are for both of you – at an equal level. He calms himself down. I don’t want to talk to you like this but you too know that Latika is very intelligent. For her sky is the limit. It would be good for you if you stop pointing fingers at her every time. And Diya will be fine soon. pratik murmurs in understanding.

Sakshi has reached her home. She looks at her phone thinking that he should have called her once. Padma comes there. Are you not liking it here? Sakshi denies. padma asks for everyone. Hope you don’t have any problem there? Sakshi shakes her head and then goes quiet. Padma notices that she is looking somewhat lost. Padma has kept a party as she has come back. Sakshi wants to spend time with her only. I will cook for you. Padma is surprised. Since when did you start cooking? Sakshi says I cook ok ok even though I am not an expert. Padma nods smiling. Sakshi is still sad thinking Karan dint even call her once.

Karan too is restless and keeps looking at the phone. Padma likes the food cooked by Sakshi. Sakshi gets a call from someone which she disconnects and looks sad. Sakshi’s words keep echoing in her head about interfering in his life as he doesn’t like it. He wonders what she would be doing right now. Sakshi is still waiting for his call. Would he not have thought of me even once?

Precap: Bhagwati teasingly asks Karan as to when is he going to bring Sakshi back home. Sharda wants her to spend a few days with her mom after which he will go. Karan likes the idea of his going there. I should go today itself then as I have a very important meeting tomorrow. sharda teases him. I know you don’t have time but brother in law can go too so Chirag can go. karan declines straight away which pleases Sharda. I will manage my work I will go to bring Sakshi. Sharda is all smiles.

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  1. anda
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    Very nice show and good episode…thanks for the WU Pooja you did an amazing job as always…

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    February 27, 12:56 Reply

    Karan is just crazy. He should accept that he cares already.

  3. salmaah
    February 27, 12:55 Reply

    Yeah tnx for the wu, u Do an amazing job.

  4. Sri
    February 27, 12:48 Reply

    thank you so much for the wu and vd
    really enjoyed to watch the episode today.
    it’s so touched today. sakshi you did good job nice acting.
    keep it up good luck and advance happy birthday,
    may god bless you always. take care

  5. ENP
    February 27, 12:35 Reply

    thanks for the wu..:)

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