Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 10th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Premlatha seeing Mayura looking at Baby. She tells Kesha that Mayura was lecturing her about how to take care of baby. She says I snatched baby from her hand. Kesha says I wish I could see her reaction. Mayura looks at the baby. She sees Servant about to fall and the box and the stuff from his hand is about to fall on baby. Mayura jumps and pushes the stuff to other side and it falls on Premlatha’s foot. Premlatha blames Mayura. Mayura thinks as you sow, so shall you reap. She says it as an accident, she did this to save baby. Ram comes there. Premlatha tells him that Mayura hurts her intentionally. Premraj says whom Rivaaj will support, Maa or Mayura. Kesha says she has crossed a limit and says you have to do something. Premlatha asks her to get baby from Mayura.

Ram stops Kesha and says Mayura has the first right on baby and if anyone tries to snatch the baby then I will cut that person’s legs. He recalls Mayura telling him to name half property on Rukmani’s name and gives baby’s responsibility to herself. Ram asks Mayura to come near him and says Mayura is going to be my baby’s mother and my fiance. Premlatha, Premraj and others get shocked. Mayura is equally shocked and thinks what is he saying? Roop asks what are you saying? Rivaaj asks him to go back from where he came. Premlatha says she refused you. Ram says when I returned after hearing her refusal, she agreed. Premraj says she agreed so soon. Ram says did you see my daughter sleeping peaceful on Mayura’s shoulder, seems like they have any relation. He talks in Punjabi. Mayura asks him to come to room. Ram says I am not coming. He looks at the cam and goes. Rivaaj sees and gets angry. He thinks mayura is just mine.
Ram tells Mayura that they would have agreed if he had told that he is God. Mayura says you was locked in room and I helped you come out. He says when did I refuse? She says I asked you to give me all baby rights, but you didn’t discuss with me and took a big decision. Premraj tells Premlatha that Mayura was equally shocked and says he is seeing change in Rivaaj since he returned. Mayura asks Ram not to change his plan without asking her and says I can’t imagine your name connected with me. He says baigan da bharta and asks her to listen. Premraj and Premlatha hear them. Ram says whatever he did is for her benefit and hugs her and makes her see in the mirror that Premraj and Premlatha watching them. Premlatha says he is under her spell and goes. Ram tells Mayura that he can’t act to love her. He plays Rivaaj’s secret room CCTV feeds and shows how Rivaaj is angry and trying to free himself.

Kesha thinks to kill Mayura and comes there holding the knife. Roop stops her and says you will be jailed. Kesha says what to do then? Ram asks Mayura to think what will happen if Rivaaj sees them in love each other. Mayura gets upset. Roop asks Kesha to show Mayura’s place to her. Ram hears him and asks him not to play with knife. Kesha says she will find out from her sources. Mayura thinks I am so confused and thinks to do something for baby. She takes baby out and goes to Rukmani’s house. Kesha spies on her. Mayura tells baby that Mamma will be excited to see her. Mayura is about to see Kesha, when the two ladies fight on road. She comes to Rukmani’s house and knocks on the door. Kesha thinks she came here to meet whom?

Premlatha asks Roop if he called the man? Roop asks are you sure? Premlatha asks him to do as he said. She says she will get Mayura’s ghost off from Rivaaj’s head. Mayura thinks Dadi is always at home. She sees someone coming and calls her Ruku di. Ram couldn’t get sleep on soft mattresses. He lies down with his legs on bed. Tantrik comes there and beats him with his broom. Ram asks who is he and catches him and beats him with broom. He makes Tantrik, Premlatha and Roop go and says mad guy scared me. Mayura says I thought Rukmani is here. The lady says someone came here and there was a big tamasha so they left. Kesha takes Mayura’s pic and thinks why she is interested in Rivaaj’s ex-wife. Mayura cries thinking where did Rukmani and dadi go?

Mayura comes home. Ram says they called Tantrik today and asks her to show his condition. Mayura is upset. He asks what happened. Did you give baby to her mum. Mayura says they left the house. He asks why are you taking tension and asks who is she? Mayura is about to say their relation, stops. Ram asks her to think about his proposal.

Precap: Ram asks Mayura to choose something for her from Premlatha’s jewellery. Premlatha gets shocked and tries to stop her. Mayura selects a ring for herself and says she has accepted Rivaaj’s proposal.

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