Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Kesha and Roop see Mayura tapping on the wall. Kesha says if she is mad? Roop says if this happens then bhaiyya ji will ruin us. Rivaaj recalls his fight with the captive man and thinks to take him out of house. He gets an idea. Mayura comes home and asks what is happening? Premraj says burglary alarms are getting installed here, it is Rivaaj’s instructions that the family members shall know the code. Kesha says Rivaaj is not trusting his body guard, but the gadget. Mayura thinks so this is Rivaaj’s idea to keep eye on everyone and also to shift that man from here. She thinks to use the alarm system against them. She calls someone and asks him/her to do as she said. She comes to the shoot site. She gets her friend’s call telling her that she sent the invite.

Premlatha comes to Rivaaj and tells that they got invitation from drama company. Rivaaj says he has to shoot an action scene and asks them to go. He kicks Bhanu and asks him to leave. Mayura thinks now you will know how it feels to stay out of house. Rivaaj thinks he will be alone with Mayura and will shift the man today. Mayura says scisodia family will spend the night on the road today.
Premlatha tells that she will go and wear diamond ring. Premraj asks how am I looking? He says you are looking as junior artiste. Mayura comes to the alarm system and thinks to change the code. Kesha comes to Rivaaj and asks are you sure that I shall not come with you for shoot. Rivaaj says today is action sequence and you will get bored. He asks her to enjoy the drama. Mayura tries to change the code and the alarm rings. Rivaaj searches if someone came. Mayura asks if someone entered here. She says may be it is system error.

They come to the shoot location. Rivaaj is again doing exercise using dumbbells. Mayura comes there. Rivaaj says you will enjoy my action sequence, it is wonderful. Mayura says I saw a man wearing same clothes like you. Rivaaj says he is stunt man? Mayura says if he does all the stunt then what you will do? Rivaaj calls Director and says I will do my own stunt and asks to send the stunt man home.

The director tells that they will lock Rivaaj in the box. After the fight sequence, director explains to Rivaaj that he will be locked inside, he has to open the box and come out of his own. Rivaaj asks Mayura if she is feeling scared. Mayura says she wants to see his actions. Rivaaj is locked inside as per the scene and coughs. Mayura recalls putting medicine in the smoke tanker and thinks Rivaaj couldn’t breath also. She then asks director if Rivaaj is acting and asks if he is fine. Rivaaj coughs and hits on the glass. The crew gets worried for him. Mayura asks them to open the lock. The actor who was in the film tells that key is not with him. Mayura recalls stealing key from his pocket. She thinks she has time till he is locked here and goes home. She comes home and comes to the locked room. Premlatha and others come home. Mayura types Rivaaj, Premlatha and Mama’s name, but it is invalid. She reads that it accepts voice command. Mayura thinks how to search fast and thinks if Raghav is inside. The mirror door opens up a bit. Mayura tries to get inside and falls down. The captive man asks her to get up and says you are fine. She says Raghav. The captive man says Raghav. She gets up and sees him.

Precap: Mayura asks him how did he reach here and changed his clothes. The captive man tells that he is Rivaaj and the man outside is the imposter. Mayura is shocked.

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