Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 20th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rivaaj giving match stick to Mayura. She takes it in his hand. Ram is still in the glass box. Rivaaj says just few more moment, one more chapter will end and a thorn will be gone, says Rivaaj will rule on everyone. He tells Mayura that he will make her Rani…and laughs thinking about Rani. He says I will make you Rani. Mayura is angry and teary eyes. Rivaaj says you are my twin, I will make you join death. Kesha tells Premlatha about her other son Ram. Premlatha is shocked and says nurse, doctor and Shivraj had not told her anything about Ram. She says he was with us since few days and I couldn’t identify him. Roop says Mayura married Ram and not Rivaaj. Tashi says I behaved badly with him and asks her to think what Ram could do with them, but he didn’t

do anything. Premlatha asks them to take her to Ram and cries. Kesha says Rivaaj has kept him captive and Mayura went to save him. Premlatha asks Premraj to take her to meet Ram.
Mayura lights the matchstick seeing Rivaaj stepping on the kerosene oil. Rivaaj asks what happened, just burn it. Mayura looks down. He sees he is standing on the kerosene oil and asks what is she doing? He asks her to stop and says you will also get burnt. Mayura says I know, but you will burn before me. She throws the match stick near his feet and the fire catches up soon. Mayura recalls Raghav’s death, Rukmani’s misery etc. Rivaaj says I can’t die, nobody can kill me and asks her to take him out. He asks her to set off the fire and says I will give you whatever you asks for. He says keep all my property and asks her to save him. Mayura asks what you can give me? Rivaaj says everything. Mayura says she wants to see him burning in fire and feeling the fire when it burns his skin, wants to see his life slipping out of his hands and taking him to death. He asks what is your enmity with me?

Mayura picks the kerosene oil can and puts the leftover kerosene on the fire. She asks him to remember how he burnt them? Rivaaj asks when did I burn you? Mayura asks him to remember how he burnt Raghav? Rivaaj asks how did you know? Mayura asks him to remember how he burnt two alive persons and says this fire don’t see whom it is burning rich people or innocent people. She says very arrogant Ravan Rivaaj will end and then only ashes will be left. Rivaaj asks how do you know Raghav and asks if she came out of mental asylum. She says she knows this as she is Rani.

Rivaaj is shocked and says how can you be Rani, you came here to blackmail me, and is a fraud. He says what do you want, money, take me out. He says Rani is dead. Mayura says I am dead, when my Raghav died. She says you didn’t save us and killed us. Rivaaj says Rani had chosen mad Raghav over me and they wanted to trap me, I burnt and killed them. He says the same thing will happen with the persons coming my way. He says I can’t get defeated from anyone. He says Rivaaj can’t lose from anyone. Mayura says so you will kill them. Rivaaj says yes, nobody has the right to snatch my happiness and says Raghav’s mistake is to snatch my Rani and Rani’s mistake was to reject me and chose Raghav. Ram manages to come out and puts water on the fire. Just then Premlatha, Premraj, Kesha, Tashi along with media come there. Rivaaj thinks media came. Media clicks pictures of Ram and Rivaaj. Mayura says I called them to see your truth and says by now the world must have seen your truth LIVE and must have known that their superstar is a murderer. She says what do you think that you are trapping me and says it was my plan to trap you in your own game. She says I knew that your men will inform you, when I reach here, but you have forgotten that I came here before also.

Ram says Mayura and I as a team are strong. Ram asks if he enjoyed his acting and says you didn’t bear the torture and pain which I bear in the captive room, you tortured me badly. He says I was waiting for this to get exposed and says you will be in the same pain as Mayura and I. He says I came to hug you, but you backstabbed me being my brother. He says you treated me badly and didn’t give me food in the captive room. Mayura says Police can reach here at anytime, Rivaaj lost. Reporter asks if he is not afraid of Punishment before doing a murder. Rivaaj gets angry on him, but Premlatha slaps him and says how can you do this with your own brother. She says I didn’t know that my other son is in this world and you want to snatch him from me. Premraj says you want to kill your own brother and says you can’t be loyal to me. Tashi says I am ashamed to tie Rakhi to you and call you brother. She says you are Rakshas, you have killed my Raghav bhaiyu and tried to kill Rani bhabhi. Kesha says I am ashamed to think that I love you and says it is good that Mayura opened my eyes. Rivaaj asks her to shut up. Premlatha says your Papa became like live dead body because of me. She asks why did you do this? Rivaaj asks her to move back and pushes her. Mayura says this is not the first time, first he killed my Raghav and now tried to kill Ram. Premlatha says it was my mistake as I never scolded him for his mistake, hide his mistake etc and today he became a devil.

Precap: Mayura asks Inspector to arrest Rivaaj. Rivaaj says no and holds Mayura on knife point. He says if I can’t live with you then will die with you. Mayura pushes him and he falls in the fire. Premlatha shouts his name.

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