Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 29th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 29th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 29th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the mehendi designer telling Mayura that she is lucky to get mehendi design by Baaji’s (Rivaaj) hand and says she uses mehendi brought by her. Mayura gives her hand to Rivaaj who is wearing burqa to hide his face. Ram comes there and stands nearby. He asks Rivaaj to make Mayura apply this mehendi and says I brought it for her specially. He whispers in Mayura’s ears that color will go off in 2 days. The lady tells that baaji will apply the mehendi brought by the groom. Rivaaj holds her hand. The lady says she is thinking of a design and asks about the groom’s name. Premlatha asks her to write Rivaaj. Ram and Mayura ask them to write just ‘R’. Premlatha asks what is the problem in Rivaaj’s name. Ram says Mayura’s name ends with Ra and my name starts with

Ra and then says Ri. He asks shall I send you to teerat. Mayura thinks there can’t be Rivaaj or Ram on her hand. Tashi opens the window. The burqa veil flies a bit, but she don’t see him. Rivaaj writes RI on her hand just then Snoopy barks and the mehendi gets ruined. Mayura goes to wash her hand. Tashi asks them to apply mehendi to her. Lady says baaji applies mehendi to only brides. Kesha and other lady come there in burqa.
Mayura wipes mehendi from her hand and thinks why did I say yes for the ceremony. Rivaaj follows Ram. Snoopy barks at him. Rivaaj thinks to kick it out. Snoopy barks seeing the black door. Mayura watches CCTV and thinks he was sleeping and now. Rivaaj asks Kesha to get ready. Kesha says I am ready. Rivaaj looks at injection and tells that he will make Ram unconscious and then wear his clothes, and make him wear burqa and lock him in secret room. She asks him not to forget her loyalty. He says he never forgets loyal people.

Ram searches for Mayura. Mayura comes to the black door, just then Tashi comes and calls her. Rivaaj runs behind Ram and the vase falls down by mistake. Ram and Mayura hear the sound. Ram comes there and is about to pick it. Rivaaj is about to come to him, when Mayura comes there and says lets go and check Rivaaj. Ram says ok. Rivaaj tells Kesha that there is a change in plan. He runs to secret room and ties his hands. Mayura and Ram go inside the captive room and see Rivaaj tied and seated. Rivaaj says he will ruin them and asks them to leave him else he will kill them. He falls down from chair. Mayura asks what you was doing, trying to run away. Ram says you said right that we shall kill him. Mayura sees dart there. Ram keeps back Rivaaj with his chair. Mayura asks if he tried to elope using the dart. Ram asks her to get the chain. Mayura says will bring. Rivaaj gets up from his seat and attacks Ram. Mayura hits on Rivaaj’s head. Ram asks for the chain and ties chain on his hands and legs. Mayura asks are you fine? Ram says yes. Mayura tells Rivaaj, only his soul can go from here. Ram says same. Rivaaj thinks how will I go now? Kesha thinks if Rivaaj is fine, why didn’t he call. She calls him. Rivaaj thinks how will he talk to her. Kesha is about to go to captive room through the garden area and goes hearing Mayura. Mayura comes there searching mehendi designer.

Precap: Snoopy barks seeing Kesha. Mayura tells Ram that Kesha might help Rivaaj.

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