Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2nd September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2nd September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2nd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura calling Ram and asking him to open his eyes after the pillar falls down on him. Kesha sprays the smoke so that Rivaaj can exchange place with Ram. Rivaaj comes to Kesha and says this is the good chance to swap himself with Ram. He comes near there. Mayura asks everyone to help Ram. Premlatha scolds her for calling him with stranger man’s name. Mayura says she said by mistake and asks them to save him. Premlatha calls her inauspicious. Rivaaj is standing nearby with his face hidden. He checks the time, when his fake firemen come there and asks everyone to move back. They ask Mayura to move back. Tashi takes Mayura to side. Mayura prays to Durga Maa to save Ram and asks the firemen to be careful and says he shall be careful. Premlatha cries and asks God

to save her son. Kesha calls fireman and asks him to leave. Fireman asks everyone to go out till they save everyone. Rivaaj signs Kesha. They take out the pillar and then wraps Ram in the carpet. Kesha signs them to leave. Mayura sees hand peeping out of the carpet and gets shocked. Rivaaj applies dirt to his face and signs Kesha. Mayura asks the firemen to keep the carpet down. Premlatha asks what is she doing?
Mayura asks them to keep the carpet down. Kesha asks the fireman to run out immediately. Mayura tries to snatch the carpet from his hand. He says we have to save others too. Rivaaj hides again. Tashi asks what are you doing? Mayura succeeds to snatch the carpet and it falls down. The firemen get afraid and run out. Mayura opens the carpet and finds Pandit ji wrapped in it. They wrapped up Pandit ji instead of Ram. Premlatha says how did Pandit ji come here? Tashi says who were they? Mayura asks where is Rivaaj? Rivaaj asks Kesha to search Ram and says he shall not be found. They all search him. Mayura finds Ram and says Rivaaj is here. They all go to him. Tashi calls Premlatha. The guest sees Rivaaj and says he is here. Kesha takes Rivaaj to side. Mayura sees Ram and says Rivaaj is here. Premlatha asks him to get up. Ram gains consciousness. Mayura asks if he is fine and asks Roop to help him get up. Mayura brings juice for Ram. Guests tell that something is inauspicious.

Premlatha says Mayura is inauspicious. Roop says the same. Ram gets angry and tells that he will not hear anything against Mayura. Mayura takes him to side and asks why is he fighting for the fake marriage. Ram says it is not the matter of real or fake marriage, but about her respect. He asks Pandit ji to get the marriage done. Pandit ji asks them to do sindoor and mangalsutra vidhi infront of goddess. Roop goes to bring sindoor. He brings it and intentionally about to fall, but Ram holds it at the right time. Pandit ji asks him to fill sindoor in her maang. Ram fills sindoor in her maang. Rivaaj fumes with anger and his eyes turn red and teary. Pandit ji gives mangalsutra to Ram. Ram makes Mayura wear it. Rivaaj gets angry witnessing from the outside. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Ram and Mayura look at each other. Pandit ji says marriage is completed. Rivaaj is about to hit on the window watching the marriage, but kesha takes him from side. Tashi says congratulations. Ram asks everyone to have food.

Precap: pandit ji tells that the mantra is true, and the marriage is done. Mayura raises her hand to slap him.

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