Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 30th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura coming to garden area and thinks there is nobody here. She is about to see the tunnel open, when Snoopy barks. Snoopy barks at kesha. Mayura comes there and finds mehendi there. Ram calls her and asks her to come to her room. He goes to room. Premlatha and Premraj come to Ram. Premraj asks him not to marry. Ram scolds him and says he will marry Mayura only. Premlatha tells that she will call their ancestral Pandit. Ram stops them and says his marriage will be done by Mayura’s ancestral pandit. Premlatha says she will not agree so easily. Ram calls someone and asks him to do fake Pandit’s arrangements. Kesha comes back to car and calls Rivaaj again. Rivaaj shouts calling Premlatha. Kesha thinks if Rivaaj is in trouble. Mayura shows mehendi cone to Ram which

she found outside and says kesha might be helping Rivaaj. Ram says may be, we have to be careful. Mayura says tomorrow is our marriage and it is a big day for them to create problems. She asks why did you call me? Ram says I was missing you so called you. Mayura gets angry. Ram says I am joking and says Rivaaj’s mum said that she will call ancestral pandit, but he said that he will call his pandit. Mayura says we have to be careful tomorrow.
Premraj asks Premlatha if she is in trauma. Premlatha says my enemy will be in trauma and says she is waiting for her plan to be executed, says it will be fun. Roop thinks what is Kesha’s plan and thinks this marriage can’t happen. Ram and Mayura come downstairs with Tashi. Ram asks Mayura not to take tension and says he is fake Pandit. The Pandit comes there. Premlatha says he came. Premraj says he…Premlatha says ancestral pandit. She recalls getting the fake pandit kidnapped. Ram thinks he is fake Pandit. Premlatha asks him to start the puja. Premraj says if Rivaaj identifies him. Premlatha asks him not to worry. Pandit ji asks them to stand for garlands and rounds. Ram stands up and forwards his hand to hold Mayura’s hand. Mayura holds his hand and stands up. Just then electricity goes, Ram asks everyone to stand where they are standing and asks Mayura not to take tension. Premlatha asks Staff to check.

Mayura thinks if something is wrong and goes towards the switch board. She is about to fall, when Rivaaj or Ram comes and holds her. She gets shocked and says Rivaaj. Tashi asks where is mayura? Roop says she must be here. Electricity is back. Ram/Rivaaj comes to her. She thinks if he is Rivaaj and checks CCTV. Tashi comes and calls them. Pandit ji says varmala time. Roop gives garland to Ram or Rivaaj. Mayura finds his behavior strange as he stares her. Pandit ji asks Mayura to make Rivaaj wear garland. She puts garland on his neck. Everyone shower flower petals on them and claps. Rivaaj/Ram makes her wear garland. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Mayura asks if he is Ram or Rivaaj and thinks if she is overthinking. She thinks why they all are happy with this marriage. She thinks if Rivaaj kept him captive and came here. Rivaaj/Ram asks her if she is in love with him. Mayura looks at him.

Precap: Kesha asks Roop to make Ram drink the compromised panchamrit. Roop gives the pot to Ram/Rivaaj.

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