Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rivaaj telling the lookalike guy if he got mad and talking nonsense. The lookalike falls with the chair on the ground to pick Mayura’s earrings. He says I can harm myself and bear the pain and asks do you have this courage ? Rivaaj says this is not courage, but foolishness and asks him to do whatever he wants. He says you have less time and slaps him. The lookalike laughs. Rivaaj asks him to laugh and goes. Roop is peeping inside the house of a basti. A lady comes out and says he was watching while I was changing the clothes. The men beat Roop. Rukmani is going from there and thinks this happens daily, she don’t see Roop. Premraj eats the drugged chocolates. Mayura asks him if lookalike or twin is possible. She says if someone comes and tells that he is Rivaaj’s

lookalike. Premraj says this can be possible and he faints. Mayura is coming towards the black door and sees the camera light. Rivaaj is watching on her on his laptop. She goes from there and thinks she shall be careful. Rivaaj calls Kesha and asks if she found any proofs against Mayura. She says no. Kesha knocks on Rukmani’s door. Dadi opens the door. Kesha asks did you see her, shows Mayura’s pic. Dadi says I know her. Kesha asks if she is your relative and stays here. Dadi says I will not tell. Kesha asks her to get her treatment. Rukmani comes and asks how dare you to touch my Dadi. Kesha asks her to get her treated else she will beat her. Rukmani pushes her. Roop comes and holds her. Rukmani sees him and hides her face. She asks them not to come there and takes Dadi inside. Kesha asks what we will tell Rivaaj? Roop says Mayura has some connection with this house, we will come here again.
Mayura is going again from near the black door. Rivaaj sees her and asks why she is coming near this black door and asks did you fall for me. Mayura asks him to tell if there is any way to go to baby’s room. Rivaaj says you are strange, yesterday you touched me and was nice. Mayura says I appreciated the artist in you, and asks him not to take it in wrong sense. He asks do you have a button inside to off and on. Mayura says I don’t have any time to hear your nonsense. Rivaaj collides with her intentionally and goes. Mayura thinks what nonsense he was talking about and recalls Rivaaj telling that he has kept bomb in Raghav’s body. She thinks you gave me an idea to find out your truth. She calls someone.

Rivaaj is checking the file, Rani’s pic is in it. Tashi brings milk for him. Rivaaj asks her to call Roop and give it to him. Premlatha opens the door and asks the courier guy to give parcel to her. Courier guy tells that he will give the parcel, but the responsibility will not be of sender if anything wrong is found. Premlatha calls Rivaaj and asks him to take the parcel. Rivaaj is looking at Rani’s pic. He gets up and signs and takes the box. He opens the box and finds the locket. He says someone might have sent it mistakenly. Mayura thinks if he is not Rivaaj. Later she sees Rivaaj taking the locket from the dustbin. Mayura sees and thinks to find out. She looks at the cooker in the kitchen and gets an idea.

Premlatha scolds Premraj and asks why did you drink in the day time. Premlatha receives a call about live bomb in her house. Premlatha is about to tell Premraj when the live bomb is thrown inside the house. Premlatha shouts and calls Rivaaj. Premraj takes her outside. Tashi asks Rivaaj to come out and says there is bomb here. He calls Mayura. Mayura says someone attacked and asks him to go out, says she will check and tell him. Rivaaj says ok, but checks the CCTV feeds. Mayura compromises with the CCTV camera and stops it. Rivaaj still look in the feeds. Mayura comes inside the black door. The lookalike says you have taken the right decision and tells that he has saved her earring from his lookalike (Rivaaj) risking his life. Mayura tries to get it. The lookalike asks her to free him. Mayura says so you are Rivaaj, you made me believe that you are real Rivaaj, but you didn’t know that I came to take revenge from him, what could be the better time than now. She says but I will make you die slowly and threatens him with knife. She sees tattoo on his hand in which it is written Ram Bharose. She thinks Rivaaj can’t change the hindi tattoo in Punjabi at the same place. She keeps knife on his neck and asks who are you? He says I am not Rivaaj, but a cute man. He says I am Ram and is the other heir of scisodia family. He says I came to know when my mother told me before death. Mayura says Rivaaj’s mum is Premlatha..Ram says my mother’s name is Gayatri. She says you are his twin. Ram says I thought they will get happy seeing me, but when I reached here..A fb is shown, Pappu tells Rivaaj about his lookalike.

Precap: FB continues- Rivaaj sees his lookalike and asks what do you want? His lookalike says whatever is yours is mine. Rivaaj looks on.

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