Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 3rd September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura looking at her mangalsutra and thinks this is fake marriage, just to take revenge from Rivaaj. Tashi calls her and asks her to come. Premlatha gives dakshini to Pandit ji and says his liking is not liked by me, but I got the marriage happened. Pandit ji leaves. Mayura hears them. Ram comes and asks her to have kulfi. Mayura says that fake pandit is behaving as real and took the money. Ram and Mayura go to him. Mayura says you are fake Pandit and took the money for real mantra. Pandit says I read the real mantra and it is 100 percent pure and truthful. He says his mantra and curse are both effective. He says I came as your Mata ji called else I wouldn’t have come. He returns Dakshini to Ram and goes. Mayura gets angry on Ram. Ram gets scared. Mayura recalls

their marriage and raises her hand to slap Ram, but she stops her hand. She thinks you betrayed me with real marriage and real mantra. Tashi comes and asks Mayura to come for ring finding ritual. She asks Ram to come. Mayura and Ram sit for ring finding rasam. Tashi asks them to search the ring. Mayura is angry with Ram and don’t take the ring out. Ram holds the milk pot from falling down. Mayura says my head is paining badly. Ram shows the ring. Premlatha says Rivaaj will make Mayura alright. Tashi takes Mayura to Rivaaj’s room. Ram comes to Mayura’s room and thinks where did she go? Tashi switches on the lights and shows the decorated bed. Roop comes to Ram and gives the ring to him. Ram asks him to go to side and comes to his room. Tashi says Bhai. Roop comes there and tells Tashi that Rivaaj couldn’t wait for his wedding night. He says one more rasam is remaining and asks for the nek. He gives his wallet while getting angry and asks them to leave. Tashi says if he don’t care for me then I don’t know anything. She asks him to return his wallet and goes. Roop takes out the money and throws the wallet.
Ram comes to Mayura and tells that he doesn’t know how did this happen and says I didn’t call this pandit. Mayura recalls Pandit ji’s words and bursts her anger on him. He asks her to believe him. Mayura says you have proved today that you are more worst than Rivaaj. She says whatever Rivaaj did was from the front, but you stabbed at my back. Ram says I didn’t plan this. Mayura says you gained sympathy from me by telling your story, but proved that you are big betrayal than Rivaaj. She says it was my mistake to trust you, your and Rivaaj’s blood is same and says I don’t want to see your face. I hate you. He hits his hand and gets injury. He shouts asking her to stop and says our blood can be same, but not color. Mayura says I thought you are different, but you are one like them. Ram says I will go now and will never show you my face. Kesha hides seeing Servants’ coming and thinks Mayura ruined their plan. Roop sees Ram going out angrily and calls Kesha. He tells her that it is a good chance to stop their marriage. Kesha thinks to give good news to Rivaaj. She thinks to leave else Mayura will not leave her.

Mayura cries and feels bad. She gets up and thinks of her words to Ram. She talks to Durga Maa’s pendant and asks why did you let this happen, cries. Snoopy comes and takes Mayura out of the room. Mayura asks what happened? Snoopy makes Mayura hear Premlatha and Premraj talking. Premlatha tells that she was sure that Mayura will get angry if her pandit is swapped with their family pandit to make them fight. Mayura regrets to scold him and thinks where is he?

Precap: Inspector asks Ram to give his thumb impression. Ram refuses. They beat him in the police station. Mayura comes there and asks them to stop, says she is his wife.

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