Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th September 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th September 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th September 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram drinking somewhere being hurt with Mayura’s words. She calls Ram, but he don’t see the call and thinking of Mayura’s words. He drinks wine and breaks the bottle. He gets drowsy. Mayura hopes he picks her call. Someone comes in his car to Ram and puts on his car flashlight on Ram. Ram asks who are you? Mayura calls her friend and says we have to search Ram. The lady on call says weather is bad, will search in the morning. Mayura thinks she can’t wait anymore, he didn’t come home and thinks to search him. Ram wakes up and finds himself in the jail. He asks what am I doing here? He asks them to open the lock up. Constable scolds him for drunken driving and asks him to call his relative. Ram says I have nobody. Mayura is in the car and searches Ram. She

gets to know from her friend that his last location was of hathi chowk. Mayura hopes to find him. Inspector asks Ram to give his finger prints. Ram refuses. Inspector beats him with his belt and does third degree torture. Kesha calls Rivaj and says where are you? She comes to the secret room opening the lock and check inside. She sees just Rivaaj’s reflection and thinks where he can be, if that Ram did something. She leaves from there. The Inspector continues to beat Ram. Mayura comes there and asks him to stop beating him.
Inspector asks who are you? Mayura says I am his wife. She thinks how did Ram come here? She asks Inspector why did you arrest him? Inspector says he has beaten the constable. Ram says she is not my wife. Mayura shows the marriage pic and says we got married yesterday. She says didn’t you identity him and says he is Bhojpuri film superstar. Inspector asks her to sit and asks Constables to take him out. He signs the other constable and asks Mayura to sign. Mayura signs. The other Inspector goes out. Mayura turns to go and thinks I will get real Rivaaj locked here very soon.

Later Mayura is in the car with Ram (actually Rivaaj and says sorry for scolding him. He asks what? Mayura says sorry for the scolding and asks if he will not talk to her. She thinks how to convince him. She checks the CCTV and sees the projector image of Rivaaj and believes it. They come home. He asks her not to tell anyone about him in jail. Premlatha asks Rivaaj about the injury? Premraj says yesterday was his wedding night and asks her not to ask. Rivaaj says I am fine and asks her not to make issue. Premlatha says I will get grah pravesh ritual. Mayura thinks how can Ram say this? Rivaaj says this is the good chance to end our argument. Mayura thinks he is talking like Rivaaj. Rivaaj smirks. Mayura thinks she is overthinking.

Premlatha brings Aarti and does their aarti. She asks her to step inside. Mayura is about to kick the kalash when Snoopy comes, barks and makes the pot fall down. Mayura asks what happened snoopy? Tashi asks Servant to clean the mess. Roop says this Jodi is made in hell and he laughs with Premraj. Rivaaj says I am listening. Mayura asks Snoopy what happened? He barks at Rivaaj. Roop asks Rivaaj to rest and says Tashi will bring Mayura. Mayura tells Snoopy that she will play after rest and goes to room. She tells Rivaaj that she forgot to clean the room. She says if you don’t want to talk then we can talk later. Rivaaj touches her face with the flower and says bedroom is witnessed that so much happened which you don’t like. He asks her to take the flower. Mayura finds his behavior strange and takes the flower. She says I shall clean the flowers, nobody shall know about the fight. Rivaaj picks another flower and smells looking staring at her.

Precap: Mayura thinks why Ram is behaving strangely and says sorry. She thinks whatever happened and feels he is Rivaaj.

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