Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the flashback scene. Rivaaj asks Pappu if he is drunk early morning and sends him to get protein shake. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees his lookalike waving his hand. He turns and sees him. Ram says I am your twin. Rivaaj asks what do you want? Ram says whatever is yours is mine. He says I am Ram and my work is to steal the things. He says I am very happy to meet you and asks him to hug him. He says I am your chote Veer. Rivaaj slaps him and he falls down. Ram says when I opened my eyes, I was here and asks her to free his hands. Mayura looks on.

Roop works as a mason infront of Rukmani’s house to find clues against Mayura. He talks to Kesha and says he will get the proofs. Kesha asks him to bring it. Tashi calls him and asks him to come home.

The contractor asks him to concentrate on work. Ram asks Mayura to open his hand. Rivaaj thinks to go and check the room after looking in the CCTV footage. Snoopy ji barks at Rivaaj. Rivaaj asks what do you want? He hears baby crying and runs there. Mayura is sitting there and asks him to talk in low tone. She says she made baby sleep with much difficulty. She asks how is you as a father and how is your family. She says everyone ran out seeing danger and left baby alone. Rivaaj thinks he was thinking unnecessarily that Mayura will go to that room. He says I was worried for her and that’s why came running here. Rivaaj thanks her for taking good care of his daughter. He shakes hand with her. Kesha gets jealous. Mayura thinks if he is going to black door and goes there. Ram asks if everything alright and asks if she is on Rivaaj’s side. Mayura says never. He asks her to shake hand with her. Mayura says we can become partners. Ram says dan dana dan. He says I have a condition. Mayura asks what? Ram says he is very hungry and asks her to bring two tandori chicken and lassi. She asks him to be practical. He says I want tangdi kabab. She says you will get everything and asks him to be patient. She shakes hand with him.
Kesha calls Roop and asks if he is doing something. Roop says I am doing work and will return. He sees Rukmani there while she is sweeping the house. She thinks this girl is the same and is bhaiyya ji’s stalker. He ends the call and takes Rukmani’s pic secretary. Dadi comes there and asks what is he doing? She tries to take his mobile. He runs away. Rukmani comes out and takes Dadi inside.

Mayura thinks this is a good chance to take revenge from Rivaaj, but how? She recalls giving mobile to Ram and asks him to keep her updated about him, but not to let Rivaaj get the mobile. She checks his voice message and gets to know that Rivaaj is going to do something big. She watches Rivaaj’s room CCTV live feeds and hears him talking about coffin. She thinks what is he planning? She comes to Rivaaj’s room and messages the man with whom he was talking to. She writes if he understood his plan. Rivaaj tells Premlatha that he will get the matter investigated by Mayura. Premlatha blames her. Rivaaj says we are safe because of her. Premraj asks him to think. Mayura checks the reply and it reads about the coffin. She senses Rivaaj coming there and deletes the message secretly. Rivaaj says what are you doing in my room. Mayura says I came to talk to you. She says she knows about his family’s thoughts about her and says she is quitting the job. She asks him to get another body guard from agency. Rivaaj says nobody can guard me better than you. She asks what is his plan for tonight. Rivaaj says he is tired and will sleep. She thinks she questions much.

Mayura asks Servant to keep something in fridge which she made for Rivaaj. Kesha hears her and thinks Mayura wants to come closer to him. Premlatha takes off evil sight from Rivaaj. Rivaaj says Mayura is with me, I don’t need. She says this will protect you from Mayura. She puts something black on the camera while putting it in the room. Kesha is about to open the fridge. Mayura comes and is about to take the bottle.

Precap: Mayura helps Ram come out of the secret room. Rivaaj gets the alarm and comes there.

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