Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 6th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 6th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 6th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura taking out cold water from fridge. She asks Kesha if she needs anything. Kesha says no and thinks to make Rivaaj drink juice made by Mayura. She goes to Rivaaj and says she made juice for him to keep him healthy. Rivaaj takes juice from her and drinks it. Mayura sees the CCTV not working and thinks if Rivaaj came to know. The camera doesn’t work as Premlatha threw something on the camera. Rivaaj drinks juice and asks Kesha to go, says he is feeling sleepy. He sleeps. Mayura is coming there. Kesha tells that she has already given him juice and he liked it. Mayura says you shouldn’t have done this. Kesha goes.

Mayura smiles and comes to Rivaaj’s room. She cleans the camera and checks the CCTV. She comes to the secret room. Ram asks her to free his

hands. She asks him to be silent and frees his hand. He stands up. She asks if his legs are stuck with gum and asks him to come. He says you don’t know my skills, I have spring in my legs. She keeps hand on his mouth and asks him to come. He pulls her closer and asks what is your name? Mayura says Mayura. He calls her Maurya. She says Mayura. He says we both have Ra in our names, Ram names. Rivaaj gets up hearing the secret room alarm and thinks someone opened it.
Mayura and Ram lock the door. Rivaaj is coming there. Mayura and Ram run out and see Rivaaj coming from front. She takes Ram to the storeroom and asks him to come. Ram says what are you doing? Rivaaj hears the sound and asks who is here? She takes him inside and switches off lights. Rivaaj comes there and asks who is here? Mayura says she is here and tells that she heard the sound and came here. She says she fell down and got hurt. Rivaaj says I will get the medicine for you and says he will switch on the lights. She asks him not to put on lights and tells that her life is in darkness as her past was bad.

She cooks up a fake story that she has a drunkard father and frustrated mom who used to take out their frustration on her. She says she feels that someone shall understand her. Rivaaj says I will understand you and comes near her. She pushes him and says you can’t change my destiny. She throws key for Ram and signs him to go. He gets the key. Mayura says I will be bodyguard only, nobody can change my destiny. Rivaaj says I will get what you wanted. Kesha hears the sound coming from storeroom. Mayura says you will leave me in darkness like everyone else. Ram falls down. He picks the keys again and unlocks the door.

Kesha is coming there. Ram goes inside the secret room and closes the door. Kesha comes there. Mayura says her leg is paining. Rivaaj says I will see. She refuses. Kesha hears them. Rivaaj asks why you changes like squirrel and asks when you will speak your heart out. Mayura says in dreams and goes. Rivaaj thinks he will fulfill his dream. Kesha thinks to do something with her and comes to Roop, but he is sleeping. Mayura is about to hit him to wake him up. Tashi comes and asks why are you waking him up. Kesha says she wants to talk about the shoot. Tashi says he was very tired, had juice and slept. She asks her to talk to him in the morning.

Mayura comes to the secret room and locks the door of the secret room. She thinks if Ram has reached back. She calls Ram and he says that he reached at the last minute, else would have got cloth on him. Mayura says I could distract him for today. Ram says I felt sad hearing your suffering and asks her to tell if he can help her. Mayura says it was fake story and not real. Just then they hear the sound. Ram says Rivaaj is coming here? Rivaaj is just outside the third room where he is locked and hears Mayura asking him to tie the rope, but couldn’t identify her voice. He comes inside and asks whom he is talking to? Ram says I was talking to my girlfriend. Rivaaj asks him to tell who was he? Ram says lizard on the wall and says in that film also, there were two brothers. His phone beeps. Rivaaj looks on. Mayura messages Rivaaj to divert his attention asking him how he will fulfill his dream. Rivaaj tells Ram that he will talk to him later and goes. Ram takes the phone. Mayura asks him not to do any stupidity.

Precap: Kesha asks Rivaaj not to trust Mayura and says there is no past records of Mayura in agency. Rivaaj asks Mayura to tell her truth.

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