Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mayura coming to the secret room. Ram says when you will fulfill your promise. Mayura gives him a bag. He opens the bag and eats the food. He calls her Annapurna mata and asks her to free him. Mayura asks him to have food first silently. Premlatha thinks her son made this arrangement for her looking at the dining table. Premraj comes there. premlatha tells him that her son planned surprise dinner for her and says she thought to wear gown. Premraj teases her and tells that Rivaaj has done thing for someone special. She asks Kesha? Premraj says no and says Mayura and tells that Rivaaj has thought even the minor arrangements. Premlatha looks upset. Mayura asks him to eat food and hide the things. She comes out, locks door and keeps in her pocket, but restaurant receipt

fall down there. Roop tells Kesha that he had a deep sleep and asks did you mix something in juice. Kesha says it was made by Mayura. Roop says did she add something in it? He shows Rukmani’s pic. Kesha zooms the pic and sees Rani and Raghav’s pic hanging on the wall and then sees Rukmani. She identifies them. Roop says surely Mayura went there. Kesha says what is she hiding then? She calls the agency and says I want to meet your senior. She asks Roop to go to basti and find out about her.
Mayura sees flowers mat on the ground and walks on it. She sees the decoration done by Rivaaj and thinks she has to bear him one more day. Rivaaj asks her to sit and asks if she liked the arrangements. Mayura says I am quite impressed. Kesha comes to the agency and offers money. She says she wants to know about Mayura’s background. The manager asks employee to check her background. Rivaaj asks Mayura to dance with her. She says not now, we will talk for sometime. She mixes tablets in the drink and gives to him. She asks what do you want to say. Rivaaj says so much. He asks why your glass is empty and asks her to drink from his glass. Mayura pretends to drink and sneezes, making the drink fall. Rivaaj says the moment is ruined. Mayura asks Durga maa to help her. Premlatha calls kesha and asks her to come home fast, says Rivaaj has planned dinner for Mayura. Rivaaj says I didn’t see anyone like you before and says…Mayura says shall we talk privately. Rivaaj asks waiters to go. Mayura says it is not right for them to know. Roop finds the restaurant receipt of tandoori paneer and lassi outside the secret door. Rivaaj says today I will speak my heart out. He gets Kesha’s message and gets up. Mayura thinks to take risk again and adds tablet again. He reads Kesha asking him not to trust Mayura as there is no record of her background in agency. Rivaaj turns towards Mayura.

Mayura comes to him and gives him drink. He is doubtful and angrily throws the drink. Mayura asks what was it? Rivaaj asks who are you? Mayura says I am Mayura and asks if he is drunk. Rivaaj asks her to tell who is she? Mayura says you know everything and asks what else you want to know. Rivaaj says I want to hear the truth and asks what is your truth. He holds her hand and tries to suffocate her. Just then Ram comes there and hits on his head. Rivaaj faints. Ram asks where was you and says my muscles have become lean without food. Mayura checks Rivaaj and says thank god, he is alive. Ram says I would have broken his feet. Mayura says if someone sees you here. Ram says I saved you and you didn’t thank me. He says I saved your life. Mayura asks him to talk in low tone. Waiter comes there. Mayura says Rivaaj asked you not to come. Waiter says Rivaaj asked me to bring wine. He sees Rivaaj sitting. Ram is holding him and made him sit. Mayura takes the wine bottle and he leaves. Mayura asks Ram to help her. They keep Rivaaj in the trolley. Ram says food and starts eating. Mayura asks him to leave it and come. They hear Premlatha and Premraj talking and coming there. Premlatha says she won’t let Rivaaj do this mistake. Ram hides. Premlatha asks Mayura where is my son? Mayura says he went to bring gift for me. Premlatha says I understand what you are doing. Rivaaj’s hand comes out of trolley. Ram signs Mayura.

Precap: Mayura tries to open the secret room when Rivaaj comes and holds him. Mayura thinks she can’t take risk if he sees her.

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