Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 8th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Premlatha asking Mayura where is her son? Mayura says he went to get gift for me and asks her to go from there else he will get angry and I can’t calm him down. Premlatha gets angry. Premraj says she is right and takes Premlatha from there. Ram comes out and tells Mayura that he will eat food. Mayura stops him and asks him to take the trolley. They come near the secret room and she tried to open the door. Just as she is about to unlock the door, Rivaaj comes out of trolley and holds Ram’s neck. Mayura gets shocked. Roop hears the sound and is coming there. Rivaaj doesn’t see Mayura and asks Ram if he thought that he can fool him. Mayura thinks I can’t afford if he sees me and hides. Rivaaj pushes Ram on floor and says what do you think that you will snatch

everything from me. He says you don’t know about my strength. Ram keeps his finger on Rivaaj’s neck and makes him unconscious. They take him to secret room. Roop finds the food item outside the room.
Mayura asks Ram to act like Rivaaj. Ram says he will be better than Rivaaj. Mayura locks the secret room and takes Ram to Rivaaj’s room. Ram falls on bed. Mayura says I accept that you can talk like Rivaaj, but you have to learn much, his body language, shall know his relationship with everyone etc. Ram opens the cupboard and says Rivaaj’s choice is not good. Mayura says you have to get your hairs cut and beard shaved off. He says he is looking good. She looks at him. Ram asks her to tell about Rivaaj. Mayura tells him about Shivraj who is paralyzed and says this house is run by his mother Premlatha. Premlatha knocks on the door and asks him to open the door. Mayura turns and falls. He holds her. Mayura asks him to tell her that he is sleeping and asks her to go. He calls her bebe which makes her doubtful. Mayura asks him to call her Amma. He tells the same. Premlatha peeps inside through the key hole and sees Mayura standing. Premraj takes Premlatha from there. Mayura tells him about Rivaaj. He sleeps. Mayura thinks he needs to cut his hairs and shave off his beard. She hopes he will handle.

Tashi thinks where is Roop and sees him talking to someone. When she comes near him, she finds him talking to Kesha. Kesha says we are talking about Rivaaj’s tomorrow schedule, there is some problem. Roop asks what happened? Tashi says I will go and sleep. Roop tells Kesha that he saw Mayura in Rivaaj’s room and asks her to let them laugh all night and asks her to confront him in the morning. Mayura sees Raghav’s pic and says today she got her first victory.

She recalls the past and says very soon Rivaaj will bear all the pain which he gave to me and my family. She says I promise and lights the diya. She prays to Durya Maa for the support and asks her to keep her blessings shower on her. Flower falls down. Mayura thanks Durga Maa. She says my revenge will be fulfilled when all the guilty people will be punished. She hopes Ram woke up and thinks she has to change his look. She watches CCTV live feed and sees Premlatha searching Rivaaj. She gets tensed. Premraj makes a call and says even Bhanu don’t know about him. Mayura comes to the secret room and finds Rivaaj unconscious still. She thinks where is Ram, but his number is off. She thinks Ram used me to came out and eloped. She comes out. Premlatha asks where is Rivaaj? Mayura says yesterday Rivaaj proposed me during dinner and I refused so he must be feeling bad and went out. She says I will search him, but now I have some work. Kesha asks where is she going? Mayura says my family. Kesha says you have no family, you are a fraud. She says I went to the agency and found out the details given by you is fake. She says you was found going to Rukmani’s house. Premlatha asks Rukmani and asks who is she? Mayura says I didn’t do anything to him. She says after finishing dinner, we went to our rooms. Kesha says cops will find out from you and asks Roop to tie her. Premraj asks Roop to hold her. Mayura kicks him and makes him fall. She says I am not Rivaaj’s lover, but is his body guard. I will search him. Just then she turns and sees Ram coming on sofa as Rivaaj.

Ram comes to captive Rivaaj and says whatever you gave you double and asks him to watch TV. He says whatever is yours is mine now.

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