Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th August 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th August 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 9th August 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram making a striking entry in Scisodia Mansion and dances acting to be Rivaaj. Singh is King song plays…..Mayura whispers to him that he is overacting. Premlatha asks him to leave Mayura’s hand. Ram talks in Punjabi and says I will not leave Mayura even they she refused me. He holds her closer. Premraj tells Premlatha that it seems Rivaaj has taken lessons in Punjabi and asks Rivaaj about his Punjabi accent. Ram asks Mayura to see what he does and tells Premraj in Rivaaj’s accent that he got a role in Punjabi film and that’s why practicing to do justice with the role. Premraj says yes. Servant brings lemon water. Ram asks him to bring lassi. Servant goes. Roop thinks of tandoori paneer and lassi receipt. Ram asks do anyone have objection with lassi and calls

them murqon ki fauj. Kesha says there is a problem in your bodyguard and gives proofs in his hand. Ram says I don’t want to see anything, I know her truth. He says I am going to rest now, if anything comes behind me then I will cut their legs. Mayura says I have to talk to you about something important. Kesha asks if you are not going now? Premlatha says you can’t be my son. She says you didn’t talk to me at night and don’t want to see any proofs against her. Ram says she is so cute, shall I talk to her or you. Premlatha asks where is my tiger son? Ram roars near her and pulls her cheeks. He thinks she separated him with her in childhood. Premraj says bhanje ji’s strings got loose with love rejection.
Ram and Mayura to go. Ram asks if she liked his acting and says he has become his own fan. Mayura says you have taken a big risk and says Rivaaj’s mum doubts on even small matters. Ram says she couldn’t figure out and says I am looking like my evil brother. He says I have saved you. Mayura says you had left and that’s why they were doubting on me. Ram says he was tied so he went out to have some fresh air. He says I am acting like you are acting. Mayura asks him not to cross limits. Ram turns to her and smiles, says you have won my heart. He asks her to remember that Rivaaj was mad about her, but not me. He asks if she has any plan and says I wanted my right and I got it. He asks if she has any plan. She says she will tell when the time is right.

Kesha tells Roop that the proof is useless. She says Rivaaj handed the proofs in my hand and went. Roop says there is something wrong with her. Kesha says there are many secrets in her eyes and her motive is big and bad. Roop says we have to get bhaiyya ji’s trust back. Kesha says you had went to basti, but couldn’t get anything. She asks him to spread her pic in the circle and says may be someone will identity her. She says I can’t bear her near Rivaaj even for a moment.

Ram splashes water on Rivaaj’s face. Rivaaj gains consciousness and sees Ram waving his hand towards him. Ram smiles. Rivaaj tries to free himself. Ram opens the tape from his mouth. Rivaaj hears Premlatha’s voice and shouts calling her. Ram sticks tape again and asks how am I looking in this clothes. He says I will not waste time to make you sleep forever. He asks him to see the live telecast on the TV and plays the live CCTV feeds and says whatever you have given you, I am giving you double. He says whatever was mine is mine and whatever is yours is mine too. He says I forgot to bring phone else would have recorded the video. He says your bodyguard maurya is very sweet. Rivaaj gets angry.

Mayura talks to Khanak and tells that Rivaaj is locked in captive room and will feel a bit of pain. She says she wants to do the same thing with him. Baby starts crying. Mayura takes baby in her hand. Premlatha comes there and tries to take the baby. Mayura says she will get disturbed. Premlatha takes baby forcibly from her and says she is standing as yamraj and will ruin her plans.

Ram admires his own swag and says Jat is celebrating here and you are locked there. Kesha comes there and asks if you are like this. She says you try to look different always, it is so inspiring. Ram laughs. She asks him to tell about his project. Kesha says I will not get details from a small bodyguard. Ram talks in Punjabi and then says I like her. Kesha says I know. He calls her murqon ki fauj and asks her to leave. Ram opens the cupboard and takes out money from the cupboard and thinks to enjoy. Mayura comes there and closes the door. Ram shows her money and says Rivaaj’s life is set. Mayura says you was asking me about my plan. She says Rivaaj’s half property will be on Rukmani and her daughter’s name. She says she called the lawyer and says this will be the first step towards Rivaaj’s destroyal.

Precap: Rivaaj informs his family that Mayura has first right on baby as she is baby’s would be mother and his fiance.

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