Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th September 2017 Written Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 11th September 2017 Written Episode

Suman cries and touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi also cries. Suman cries touching Badi maa and Nupur’s feet. They hug her. Kalavati is happy with Ravi’s return. Suman folds her hands infront of all elders and looks at Ranveer. She recalls his words that only death can separate them. Ranveer cries. Sindhoora asks her to shed crocodile tears and asks her to get out of home, else she will kick her out. Ravi says it is not needed and asks Suman to come. Ravi holds Suman’s hand and takes her with him. Chadariya Jheeni plays. Suman stops and looks at everyone.

Sindhoora closes the door and thinks Suman is gone from their home before Ganapati visarjan and thanks Ganapati Bappa. . Ranveer breaks down and cries. Dadi asks her not to fall weak and tells that nobody is having mistake. She tells

that Suman’s first husband and Veer’s father is alive, and they have first right on him. She asks him to accept the truth. Nupur says it is destiny’s mistake. Sindhoora says Suman has betrayed us. Bade Papa asks them to take Ranveer to room. Someone knocks on the door. Sindhoora says it seems that shameless woman came again. Sahil opens the door and sees Veer running back and hugging Ranveer. Veer tells him that he wants to stay with him and asks him to tell Suman not to take him far away from him. He hugs Ranveer. Suman cries. Ravi comes and looks angrily. He asks Veer to come. Veer says he wants to stay with him. Ravi asks Veer to come. Ranveer asks him to be polite with him. Ravi says I don’t want to learn from you and takes Veer forcibly.
Dadi asks Ranveer to go to room. Sindhoora stops Sanjana and Antara and says you both can’t stay here as bahus, whose family had betrayed us. Sahil thinks it is good if Sanjana leaves from here, she loves my money. Manan supports Antara and Sanjana. Sindhoora says they are fraud, we don’t want to have any relation with Kalavati and her family. Dadi says they are our bahus and will always be. Sindhoora says ok, but I have a condition. She asks them not to go to her mayka after today, and shall not have any relation with Kalavati, Suman and Ravi else can leave. Antara says but. Sindhoora says I need answer. Sanjana agrees to her condition.

Shakti is sleeping in kalavati’s house. Kalavati, Suman and Ravi knock on the door. Shakti wakes up, opens the door and sees Ravi. He gets shocked and faints. Ravi gets inside the house. Kalavati thanks the God for uniting her with her son. She takes off garland from his photo. Ravi asks Suman to take Veer inside.

Kalavati introduces Shakti to Ravi and says he is good at heart. Ravi says I met him when I came to Mittal Sadan as pankaj. Kalavati says she had identified him and asks why didn’t he come or told her that he is alive. Ravi says I will talk to you tomorrow and asks her to rest. Suman recalls the moments with Ranveer and cries. Tere Liye song plays. Ranveer also cries thinking about her.

Badi Maa pacifies Ranveer and tells that Suman has Ravi now in her life and has no place for you. Suman wakes up Ravi and asks him to drink tea and calls him Ranveer. Ravi gets angry, twists her hand and hurts her.

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