Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th September 2017 Written Update

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th September 2017 Written Update by MA

Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi 19th September 2017 Written Episode

Suman tells Ranveer that Ravi can do anything and was involved in Scammed, because of which 8 people commit suicide. Ravi says you heard my truth, now you have to die with your lover. Ranveer asks him to shoot him. Shakti comes and asks Ravi what is he doing? He holds him asking him what he will tell to Kalavati. Ranveer takes Suman and Veer with him. Shakti stops Ravi. Ravi threatens to kill him. He says Suman will be back again. Shakti asks why he wants Suman back, when he don’t love Suman. Ravi says he loves Suman, he used to punish her before too, but she used to be alright. Shakti says what Bua will think now seeing his dangerous side. Ravi says what she will say, because of her greediness, I did that scam. She got her widow bahu married and went to stay in Mittal house shamelessly.

She says that old woman is greedy, shameless etc. He says Ranveer Mittal is gone now. Shakti thinks he has to show Ravi’s real face to Kalavati and is tensed.
At Ranveer’s home, everyone waits for him. Ranveer brings Suman home. Everyone is surprised to see her. Sindhoora stops Suman from entering the house. Ranveer says today you will not tell anything. He asks Suman not to worry and says this house is yours too as you are my wife. He asks her to come. Antara and Nupur take Suman inside. Dadi asks what happened to Suman. Ranveer says I thought Ravi is a good guy, but he was actually a devil. A fb is shown, Veer calling him and asking him to come as Ravi is beating Suman, Ranveer going there and saving her, Shakt helping him to escape from Ravi. Fb ends. Ranveer says that’s why I couldn’t let Suman alone with him even for a second.

Sindhoora tells Ranveer that she will not stay here. Ranveer says how can you say this, and says Suman is human first before being my wife. He says he can’t bear if anyone raises hand on her and that’s why he brought her back. He says I know you can’t let her stay here, but I can’t let her stay. He says I never asked anything from you all, but today I am asking. He promises that they will go in the morning, and asks them to let them stay there for tonight. Sindhoora asks Dadi to say, and says why you are quiet. Dadi signs her to stop and asks Ranveer to take Suman to room. Antara and Ranveer take Suman to room. Sindhoora is upset.

Ranveer makes Suman sit on bed. Suman is crying still. Ranveer asks her not to worry and says you are safe here. Suman says you will not leave this house, as this is your family. She says she has accepted Ravi as her destiny. Ranveer says he don’t deserves you. Antara says even I can’t forgive him although he is my brother. She asks Veer to come with her. Ranveer tells Suman that he had beaten you badly. Suman says she is habitual to bear his torture and tells that he used to doubt on her and used to beat her before also. She says she can’t risk his life and have to go. Ranveer says he can’t let her go and asks her to sleep, saying they will leave in the morning. Suman says she is worried thinking what Ravi will do. Ranveer asks her to relax and sleep.

Ranveer books tickets for Suman, Veer and himself. Manan hears him and says this is your house and you don’t have to leave from here. Even you have full rights on this house. Ranveer says it is not like this. Manan says you were away from us since years, and gets emotional. Ranveer hugs him and says his mom could never understand him, her own’s son. He says it is difficult for him to stay without them, but he has to go. Sindhoora asks Dadi to think what Ravi can do with Ranveer and says he will become his enemy. Dadi says if Ravi is his enemy or you. She questions her on her motherly love and says Suman is here as she never sees her without Ranveer, and says Suman and Ranveer loves each other a lot, says his happiness is just Suman. Sindhoora hears her words.

Manan asks Sindhoora to stop Ranveer. Sahil gives 5 crores cheque to Sanjana and asks her to leave him. Sanjana looks on sadly. Ravi calls Suman and shows that he kept Veer and Kalavati captive and asks her to come.

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